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  1. Tandy offers them as a free download now. By individual pages, or by collectors groups. I just got done downloading all of them. I know this is 10 years old, but it showed up on a search I did for something else so I thought I would comment. I was searching for a reason the doodle pages were discontinued. If anyone knows, please share. Thank You Kindly.
  2. I'm using Tandy Violet Dye. I ordered some top finish because super sheen was running the dye into the paint. Tandy said top finish was for dyed area's. So why is it still running? Is there anything I can put on that doesn't run the dye? I am basically need something that won't run the dye into the paint so I can put on my finish, which also runs the dye. These are coasters and I'm using Mod Podge in several coats for the finish as it protects against hot cups and is completely water proof. So anything waxy can't be used. I'm really frustrated, these should have been done a long time ago. I've ruined more coasters than what I wanted as a finished product already. These were suppose to have been Christmas Gifts for sweet, dear elderly couple that lives in the apartment complex. Any suggestions certainly can't hurt at this point. Only thing I haven't tried is Epoxy!
  3. I bought the 18 colors pack in 2oz bottles. They shrink up just like the expensive leather store brands. It does take 2 coats to get a good coverage, or dab it on really thick the first time around. Since I do a lot of blending and shading I don't have to thin them with water as much to get the desired effects. The only thing I wish I would have realized when I ordered them is that they came in matte finish. I was really looking for a gloss finish like the leather store brands. Super sheen over the top doesn't bother them a bit, and you get a rather unique difference in appearance than putting super sheen over gloss. I rather like it, it's different. The Apple Barrel Brands also comes in a 16 colors pack in gloss. They a bit more expensive, but still cheaper than the leather store brands. Especially Fieblings! I did order some Cova Colors that were on sale from Tandy, but they wouldn't ship them! Because of the time of the year here in Michigan they said they don't ship anything that "Could" freeze in the shipping process. So I had to have my order picked up by someone, and it took 3 weeks for them to get the stuff to me. There is several other brands that make Acrylic Paints. I will probably try some of them, but some are even more expensive than the leather store brands! They all fall under the owner of Plaid. If you go to their web site you can find all kinds of Acrylics and Enamels in both liquids and paste type like painter use. They also have a wide variety of other finishing stuff. I ordered some Mod Podge from Amazon with my paints as I was doing a coaster set and I wanted a really thick finish on them. And the Mod Podge is dish washer safe, so I knew hot drinks wouldn't ruin the coasters. There is some other stuff called Triple thick which I almost bought, but it wasn't totally water proof or dish washer safe. It was cheaper, but I passed it up. Any time I try some new paints or finish I'll post it here. I know probably most of you's won't venture from the name brands, but I have always been to step out of the box and try something different. On the coasters I finished in 6 coats of Mod Podge, it actually acted like a small amount of magnification which really brought out some fine details I struggled with under my lighted magnifying light I did it with. I wouldn't use that stuff on much of anything else but coasters...probably. But one may never know what idea's I can come up with. One thing I really need right now is a couple of mauls. I'm looking for a 1 lb and 2 lb, and the only thing I can find is way more than I will spend. China makes several in the 10 to 12 oz range for less than $10. I'll probably order one of those for the very small stamps. It just seams to me that someone should figure out that they could sell a lot more mauls in the $15 range in the 1lb & 2lb. I can't see spending $100 for a stacked leather handled maul! The handle will take maintenance in itself, and that's something I don't want to spend time on. Give a sleeve of Polyethylene or nylon over stainless steel over a wood handle in several weights and keep them under $20!
  4. These look like auxiliary fence clamps for table saws. You drill holes in a 3/4" wide board, the peg on the clamp goes in the hole and clamps to the back side of the fence. Try Rockler or Woodcraft. MLCS may have them as well.
  5. I cut leather glove parts for about 4 years for Wolverine in late 70's early 80s. Our dies were thick carbon steel (not these thin cheep things they put out now) with the cut out part side vertical and the exterior at an angle. The polyurethane blocks were rough from being chopped up by the dies and the cut outs would stick until you picked them up. Not sure how much stretch you can get out of the thickness your cutting, but I made a lot of extra money stretching the pig skin before cutting it. I was allowed so many sq ft to cut so many dozen pairs of parts. I got paid for every sq ft I didn't use. From stretching that pig skin for 8 hours a day, I had one hell of a grip. My press machine weighed 2-1/2 tons. Cutting block was 30x48 inches and the press head was 18"x 36" and swiveled on a 12" cylinder ram. Took less than 1/2 second to travel 1/2" and back. I also cut full and 1/2 hide bovine skins. Those didn't stretch so easy, but I always made extra for saving leather. I just can't fathom a die being made of plastic! It would have been pulverized the first strike of the press head.
  6. I don't know what use I would have for a hide, not that I could afford one if I did. But I would be interested in a couple of full horns. They make great knife scales!
  7. Lee Valley sells many Veritas jigs for keeping angle while sharpening. I have this one I bought for plane irons and chisels. https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca/shop/tools/sharpening/guides/33001-veritas-sharpening-system They also have a miniature set for smaller things, but I haven't found a need for one...yet. https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca/shop/tools/hand-tools/miniature-tools/110480-veritas-miniature-honing-guide DMT Diamond stones of Course and Fine, then move to Norton Wet Stones using 1000, 4000 & 8000 grits. Finish with a hard strop and white compound.
  8. I'm a huge fan of Norton Wet Stones. ANY Norton stone, especially an old one like yours is a prize, gem, and honor to have. If it was mine, I'm not sure I would use it. I might display it in a clear plastic box of some kind with some Old Timer Knives I have. If you do a lot of sharpening, I use the DMT 10" diamond stones. They are 2 sided and come variations. I have one with X Course & Course, and another one with Fine & X Fine. I use these everything. I don't use the X Course much unless a blade or chisel needs shaped. Mostly the Course and fine grits get the edge where I need it to move to the Norton Wet Stones. I don't use the 220 grit at since I have the diamond stones. But work my way through the 1000, 4000 & finish with the 8000 grit. Then I move to a hard strop I made with White compound, and maybe blue. Mostly use the blue on my straight razor. The strop is just a piece of Veggie Tanned leather glued to a piece of 1x4 about 9" long. Flattened the wood similar to the way you did your Norton Oil Stone before I glued the leather on. Have you figured out what grits the stone are? My father had one black on one side and red on the other. Black was like the X Course Diamond stone where red was more like the Course. I would guess his was made for axe's and hatchet's where fast removal and a quick and frequent edge was needed. Not something that needed to split hairs. I use the hard strop to touch up my Xacto blades all the time. That's what I use mostly to cut leather and in flying model rocket builds. You have a nice piece of history, and family heirloom and story that goes with it to hand down.
  9. Well Fred, the Apple Barrel says it easy clean up with soap and water. I've got a couple colors in Tandy's Cova colors and I have not had a problem. So far, Tandy products is all I have used since they were ready available to me while I was still working. Now that they are mail order only for me, I've been watching videos from Weaver. So far, he's only dip dyed anything he's worked on, and I am a little more colorful and customized than that. I use to do custom auto painting and air brushing, brush pin stripping, etc. It's been a good many years since I've done any of that but I like my things to be colorful. I just can't afford enough Cova Colors to get where I need to be right now. Someday maybe, but not right now. I'll order a Quart of Tandy's Super Sheen because I know how it will turn out. I've also buried quite a bit in painted leather in epoxy making custom inserts for lock back and liner lock knives. Works good for a sealer before Epoxy. If the Apple Barrel paints don't work out, maybe I'll take painting pictures for a while. I can always sell my leather working tools to buy canvas', hahaha
  10. I recently received a little bit from SS, no where what I should have. I've got a lot of projects to get finished up. Bottom line is I can't afford the stuff from the leather stores. Amazon has a 18 color, 2 oz bottles for about the same as 2 bottles from the leather store. The Brand is Apple Barrel. As long as it's acrylic paint I WANT to assume that it will work. I know it will probably need thinned a bit, which is good it last longer. And I want to do some fading anyways. Everything will get covered with several coats of Super Sheen. I finished one the knife sheaths with poster paints and super sheen melted the paint. What a mess. Any help (or donations) is welcome. Thank You Kindly, John
  11. I was discussing the block paints. But my wife just gave me what I believe is water based poster paints which my son used at Halloween time. They are quite thick. I will assume I should use the floor polish stuff to thin them with?
  12. I'm about as poor as it gets. I've got a couple project that requires colors gradually moving to lighter/darker shades. Is there a reason the cheapo kids water color paints available at the dollar store won't work? I would apply super sheen gloss over the top. Thank You All Kindly
  13. You have so many nice stamps! I could easily spend a small fortune on them. Unfortunately, I am very, very poor with almost no income. One day, when if my SSDI gets approved, I will have a small fortune. And I will be sure to spend a goodly sum on your stamps!
  14. Received an Email from Grizzly. Was paging through the add and came across this small press. Would it be useful in leather crafting? http://www.leevalley.com/us/home/page.aspx?p=77025&cat=900132&ap=1
  15. Hello all. I've been away for a bit. This could end up being a long story, so I'll make it as short as possible. About six months ago the lady in D1 apt. had her sister move in with her kids, 9 total in a 2 bedroom upstairs apt. They often supplied liquor to one of the kids, a minor boy and his girl friend, and any and all friends that came over and encouraged them to sleep together and make babies. You see, these 2 sisters have kids for income. They broke all the rules, numerous complaint's were made in writing to management in the last six months, even by people not living in our building (8 apts.). The young couple (X-military) moved in the 1st of march underneath the sisters. Between then and the time of the fire (less than 30 days) they had called the police 5 times for making too much noise, banging on walls and floors, loud music, all times of the day and night. Early Sunday morning on the 25th of march 5 drunkin teenagers (2 boys & 3 pregnant girls) was playing a game with fire crackers. They thought is was funny to drop a lit fire cracker in a bottle of 151 rum and watch the fuse go out, until....one had a fast fuse. It went off, exploding the bottle and the flaming liquid went everywhere. There was only vinyl soffit above the wood deck balcony. Once the fire was in the attic, it went from one end of the building to the other in less than 10 minutes... Before the fire department even got there. The 4 upstairs apartments are gone. Luckily we were on the ground floor, and only had smoke and water damage. We were allowed 4 hours to retrieve anything of value the next day, but anything cloth or that absorbed smoke is a loss. The worst part is we had no insurance...and..the fire investigator deemed it an accidental fire. So I'm sure they lied about the fire. We spent 2 weeks in a motel until we were given an upstairs apartment in another building for my wife, son, me and my 91 year old mother. So my son is now sleeping on a old worn out couch donated by someone. My wife and I, and my mother, have old used worn out beds also donated. The Red Cross, Good Will, DHS, and a host of private citizens has got us by, but we are out very, very much. The second morning at the hotel, our maid said that the same teenager that started the fire with his friends came to her with puke soaked sheets and said he had too much to drink. You would think after the life changing events of the fire would change the way of these 2 ladies, but no. They continue to supply booze to minors and encourage sleeping with minor girls. It's a small world in that the owners of the apartment complex is also the owners of the hotel and booted them out of the hotel as soon as they found out they were there. Both sisters has open cases of child neglect and abuse. One of the sisters was in the lobby of the hotel when my wife went for breakfast and she was complaining to everyone in the lobby that DHS is cutting them off, donators are requesting the donations back, and Red Cross would not prosecute if they returned the money donation they were given. Below is links to the local new's station on the fire. Someone told me to start a go fund me page. I don't know what that is, I'm not that knowledgeable of these things. So I'm reaching out the only way I know how. If anyone would care to donate to us we would Greatly, and Deeply Appreciate it. Our new address is: John E. Adams, 848 S. Chestnut St. Apt. A1, Reed City, MI 49677 Thank You Very Kindly to those that can help in any way! http://www.9and10news.com/2018/03/27/reed-city-apartment-fire-still-investigation-volunteer-departments-quick-respond/ http://www.9and10news.com/2018/03/26/reed-city-community-comes-together-support-families-following-apartment-fire/ http://www.9and10news.com/2018/03/26/families-trying-recover-items-fire-reed-city-apartment-complex/ http://www.9and10news.com/2018/03/25/dozens-people-displaced-reed-city-apartment-fire/ http://www.9and10news.com/2018/03/25/red-cross-supports-families-displaced-reed-city-apartment-fire/ We are 1st on the list for a 3 bedroom downstairs apartment, so this upstairs is only temporary. But how long temporary is...we have no idea. btw, the reason the apartment complex management told us why they did not act upon the complaints and request to have the people evicted is that they had too many vacant apartments. Later, I found out there was only 4 vacant apartments out of 39. 3-two bedroom upstairs and 1-three bedroom ground floor apartment. It's funny...the ground floor and 1 of the upstairs apartments that were vacant was in the building that burnt. And they were only recently vacant because the tenants told me personally they did not feel safe with the people in the apartment that started the fire. All I can say is I hope the owners are happy! I made a New Years Resolution to have a positive attitude after being denied the 2nd time for SSDI. You know, it's hard enough when life crushes you, but when something like this happens...I just feel like throwing in the towel. What's the point of going on. It took us 2-1/2 years to pay for a couch and love seat at our local rent to own, and made the last payment the first of March. And it went into the dumpster. All the beds I bought brand new when we move into the apartment after we lost our house. The money came from selling all my wood working machines. The last 10 years it just seams like life wants to defeat me, ruin me, bury me. I wish it would hurry up and complete the later.
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