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  1. Hi See the image below - was wondering how the green and blue pieces of leather are done inside these train pass cade cases. Sam
  2. Hi See the image below - was wondering how the green and blue pieces of leather are done inside these train pass cade cases. Sam
  3. Hello everyone, Recently I have been exploring long wallets and upon examining my wife's wallet (can't remember the brand but it cost her (me) a wopping $700) I found that the largest piece of the wallet, the exterior cover, is only glued on the outer rim so the two pieces are floating against each other in the middle. What does everyone do when making a long wallet here? Recently I made a mock long wallet and glued the whole piece, but I could see it coming apart over time and being uneven. I know Equus leather seems to glue the whole piece, at least from video footage. Also, could the same floating principle be applied to bifolds? Sam
  4. Anyone have any idea how to get measurements for the triangular pieces joining the coin pocket (see zipper) to the base of the wallet? Also, I wonder what the underside of the wallet looks like and how the strap is attached. Sam
  5. Thanks for the template
  6. Hey Looking for all the help I can get on this one. Never made a long wallet before so I took to instagram for some inspiration... @from_one_leather See below for some pictures. The last image is a similar wallet by the same person, but it is the zipper in the middle for coins that I am particularly interested in. Any idea how it is done? I've never worked with zippers before. also, with the first image, how do you think the insert for the strap is sewed into the piece? Any other insights would be great. Sam
  7. Thanks, yeah same as you, only machines for sanding.burnishing with a machine seems to create dark patches on the edges. sam
  8. Hello, so when making a bi-fold, usually I have two find pieces for the final stitch. One has all the card slots and coin pockets on it and the other is just a slightly bigger piece of leather that is used as the back piece where the notes go. Does anyone have a good method for stitching these two together? As one is bigger than the other, I end up using a lot of clips and glue to hold it together as I sew. You know how there is that small gap at the bottom of the wallet? sam
  9. Thanks for your answers, gum trag, resolene and tokonole all the same? Sam
  10. Hello, Went to a store today that had really nice wallet edges that were painted with an alcohol or oil dye instead of edge paint. They looked really good so I want to try to replicate it. Does anyone have any recommendations, maybe Fiebings, for a dye to use on edges? I'm really confused about the difference between alcohol/oil as well as this pro dye Fiebings has. Also, how do I seal the leather after it is all done? Resolene? Are there any other products? Is Tokonole the same? So confused... Regards, Sam
  11. Just a little trial piece - not bad
  12. From watching his video im using way too much glycerine saddle soap and not enough water.
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