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  1. Kryptonite

    What kind of finish coat was used?

    Thanks Richard for the help! Could the finish coat just be something like Eco-Flo Super Shene or similar? What gives it the high gloss? Scoob, the inside is a poor quality/pigskin suede leather unfortunately, but I can change that. Thanks guys!
  2. Hi Guys, I bought the below wallet and was wondering what kind of finish coat might have been used? My guess is leather stain and some acrylic paint was used for the coloring, unless someone knows different. Thank you, Will for Central Florida
  3. Thanks to everyone for their input... you guys are the best. I got every screw out with almost no damage. All the screws soaked overnight in PB Blaster. The 2 needle plate screws came out with a sharp little hit from corner of a chisel, great tip Bob, it was the ticket! The 2 tiny gib screws holding the bobbin case needed 20-30 little taps of a small hammer hitting a screwdriver seated in the slot, mimicking a vibration thing. The machine sews great - money well spent. Thanks guys, Will in Central Florida
  4. Very cool guys! I'm off to Walmart for some PB Blaster. Tomorrow I will follow Cowboy Bob's hit to spin method. I will look into the angled screw driver, another reason to buy a new toy. More later... Thanks, Will
  5. Hi Guys, I bought a Consew 225 for a song. Other than rusted slide and needle plates it looked pretty good and appeared to be in time. After working with it the two needle plate screws won't release. I've had them drenched in WD-40 for a day and a half. I know the next step is likely heat, which I've never done. Can someone share their expertise in removing the needle plate screws? What is the easiest way? I don't want to strip the heads forcing a drill out. And I think the bobbin related screws are rusted in place too. Thank you, Will in Central Florida
  6. Ok thanks guys, I'll work with the suggestions and report back.
  7. Well I played with the tension and I can minimize the product lift a little but it still a problem and I am getting pissed. I have ruined 4 projects by going off the edge of a top layer. As I see it, the take up lever is lifting too high or too late. The last inch of lever travel is pulling the thread taught, the thread releases a bit from the tensioner, and then the leather lifts up. This to me suggests the timing of the upper shaft is too late. If I'm right, how can I check the timing? This machine is so smooth I can see why the Pfaff is so highly regarded. I hope I can fix this.
  8. Thanks Wiz. I'm trying some of your suggestions.
  9. There is plenty of tension on the pressers. My fault for not explaining myself very well. it is not that the presser are being lifted up as the thread lever pickup pulls the leather up an 1/8th of an inch. The pressers are ok, they are staying put. I think it best if I make a short video Thanks, Will
  10. Hi Guys, I have a beautiful low mile Pfaff 545 H3 that I final got hooked up to sew garment leather. I'm having a problem with the thread pickup level pulling the garment leather up about an 1/8+ inch at the end of it's stroke. So when I am sewing along the edge of 2 layers of leather, this lift is enabling the needle to miss the top layer of leather on the downstroke, ruining my stitch. The foot/presser timing seems to be good. The needle and the inside presser, and the feed dog hit the product at the same time. I checked my Consew 206RB-02 and there is just a hint of product lift. This to me says something on my Pfaff is not timed right. Can anybody shed some light on why the take up lever is pulling my product up? I can post a video if needed. Thanks, Will in Central Florida
  11. Hi Guys, I've had this odd belt for a while, I think I paid $2 for it at a local flee market in Florida, and I've never seen anything like it before. The buckle and the tongue are huge. The tongue is almost the diameter of a standard pencil. It is undoubtedly old, it could be really old. Can anyone shed some light on it's vintage/origin or possible history? Was it George Washington's? LOL Thank you, Will in Central Florida
  12. Kryptonite

    Consew 226 Stitch Selector Not Working

    Ok thanks guys, much appreciated! Will
  13. Hi Guys, I have an older Consew 226 that sews well but the stitch selector is not accurate. I loosened set screw on the selector ring and set it on "5" and I'm getting stitches 5 per inch. Ok great. Then I go to "10" and get 8 stitches. I select "12" and I get 10 stitches - you get the idea. Something must be out of adjustment. I have searched but I can't find info on this particular selector type. Can someone point me towards a fix? Thank you, Will in Central Florida