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  1. Interesting to note... The original Adler part number went from 168 16 003 4 to 0168 160034 (current). My initial internet search with the outdated part number was fruitless. Always helps to have the right part number - lol. Will
  2. I have the part on order. Just 2 left in Germany. Official name is "strokeshaft crank". Thanks again Glenn! Will in Florida
  3. Awesome Glenn, thanks for the help. I have found a few sources online that may have the part. Cheers Will
  4. Cowboy Bob at Toledo Sewing just sold me 2 of these screws - for peanuts - lol.
  5. I'm so bummed. I broke a part on my Adler. And I just got the machine 2 weeks ago. I thought I would ask if anyone has it, before I try and order it. The part number is... 168 16 003 0 It is part of the feed dog drive. Described as a Hubw. - Kurbel (Something - Crank) in the German Adler 67 or 167 Parts List (same part). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Guys, Will in Florida
  6. Uwe, you are a freaking ROCK STAR - Thank you! This is the second machine you have helped me fix. Along with others, you make this forum something special. And I am sure many people feel the same way. I tightened up a few pivot points but the real ticket was adjusting the eccentric (cam) on the top shaft under the cover plate. It was pretty loose and the sleeve was floating left and right. To eliminate the unwanted movement I slid the assembly to the right forcing the sleeve against the shoulder of the cam, where it should be. I am not the first to adjust this. The two lock screws are pretty galled. You can see the results in the video. Just the needle bar has movement. It would be nice if I could fix this too, but I can't see any adjustments. I thought this machine was toast! Cheers, Will
  7. I can't remember how to get the video to post directly to the thread, sorry. Cheers
  8. Hi Guys, When sewing the needle, inner foot, and feed dog jumps away from the sewer about 1/16" at the end of a stitch - just before the foot lifts of the feed dog. It kind of "pops" or "snaps". The video was taken when the needle and inner foot are TDC. Is this something I can adjust or is this wear? Thanks in advance! Will https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RIwyqeWk3Y&feature=youtu.be
  9. OK thanks, I will give them a call to see if they know. Thank you, Will
  10. I like this table top. Does anyone know where to get one? I checked the Consew site and Google images but did not find it. Cheers, Will
  11. Thanks Richard for the help! Could the finish coat just be something like Eco-Flo Super Shene or similar? What gives it the high gloss? Scoob, the inside is a poor quality/pigskin suede leather unfortunately, but I can change that. Thanks guys!
  12. Hi Guys, I bought the below wallet and was wondering what kind of finish coat might have been used? My guess is leather stain and some acrylic paint was used for the coloring, unless someone knows different. Thank you, Will for Central Florida
  13. Thanks to everyone for their input... you guys are the best. I got every screw out with almost no damage. All the screws soaked overnight in PB Blaster. The 2 needle plate screws came out with a sharp little hit from corner of a chisel, great tip Bob, it was the ticket! The 2 tiny gib screws holding the bobbin case needed 20-30 little taps of a small hammer hitting a screwdriver seated in the slot, mimicking a vibration thing. The machine sews great - money well spent. Thanks guys, Will in Central Florida
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