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  1. I would talk to Bob at Toledo Sewing Machines and he may be closer yo you
  2. I took mine to a guy that does planer blades. He did a good job and the price was good
  3. You might inform your customer that it is against the law to be packing any firearm in any National Park (unless the rules have changed since the '50s and '60s). Your holster looks good at any rate
  4. I see the dog has a ball in it's mouth. Any chance your daughter does Flyball? Very nice work on the journal
  5. As a retired builder, I can guarantee you one thing. No matter what you do after you use it for a while, you will say, " I wish I had made this bigger or done this differently!". Have a great time getting everything ironed out and don't lower your standard of living, extend you credit.............LOL
  6. and by all means, don't forget super glue. I do hope you get some help with your problem Squilchuck
  7. If baling wire won't fix it, it is beyond repair........LOL
  8. Thank you kindly Keplerts. Their samples were/are great but I would not have expected anything less in samples. Thanks again
  9. Does anyone here have any experience with American Leather Direct out of Bowling Green, Kentucky? Their prices seem to be very fair, but if their leather is not so good then the fair price doesn't mean much
  10. To all interested parties: You might try WWW.Y-KnotLace.Com for kangaroo lace
  11. I would contact Frontier Days Rodeo for that answer. I am sure they will be happy to tell you
  12. Just a thought but on the 2 ponies I have made, I put a spring between the jaws just to help opening them. I agree that you will want to put leather on your jaws. As far as the width of the jaws, one of mine is 3" and the other is 6". Your design is very similar to mine and mine works for me. I do not have any magnets but have never felt the need for any.
  13. After a mistake a couple of days ago on gluing a liner in a ropers flank cinch, I used my heat gun and heated the liner. That worked slicker than snot on a kid's lip for getting the liner off, and now I know that what worked on removing formica works on leathr
  14. As a rule, heat will reactivate the glue (if it is contact cement). I have never tried this on leather but when I was a general contractor and would need to remove a piece of formica from a counter top, I would use my heat gun to heat the formica and gently peel the old formica off. I don't see why it won't work on leather, but then again, I have never tried it. I have also been told that a hair dryer will work if no heat gun is available. Hope this is of some help to you
  15. I don't know about your area but when I needed a splitter blade sharpened, I asked a cabinet maker who sharpened his planer blades. I got in touch with that person and have had good luck so far.. I don't know if all shops can sharpen then but the one I talked to can and did. You might try that if you want to.
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