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  1. It looks to me like your top is a door blank which may or may not be solid core. If you use the gussets as hwinbermuda shows and screw then into the back and the ends of your top, it may give you the support you need. If you do add a shelf to the top you will definitely need more bracing then just screwing your back into the top. Next best suggestion is to let your back go to the floor and fasten it to the legs as well as your top. There is always more ways than one to skin a cat but I offer this advice based on my many years as a contractor building custom homes and doing remodels
  2. Hasbeencowboy

    scarf slide Help on how to make

    I would suggest doing a Turks head. You can make it as tight or as loose as you see fit and it will stay that way
  3. For what it is worth, I use masking paper like that used in a body shop. Bought a masking tool that applies the masking tape as the paper is unrolled. It'll dry and or I throw the paper away when I am done dying, putting on sealer or conditioners
  4. Try Heather at Texas Custom Dies. They will treat you right
  5. Hasbeencowboy

    Craftool Deluxe leather splitter

    I bought a Tandy splitter like you are looking at about 3 years ago. It worked/works great on straps up to 1.5 inches wide. I finally found a rebuilt Landis 30 last year and now I only use the Tandy splitter for skiving strap ends. I tried pulling a 4 inch strap through one time and have the hernia to prove it
  6. Hasbeencowboy

    tree fit question

    This is a personal experience thing!!! I have ridden the same saddle since 1957 on a multitude horses..............from high withered thoroughbreds to no withered quarter horses and in all those years, I have never sored up a horses back. We used folded gunny sacks to make up any difference. As far as "saddle marks" are concerned, just because a horse has them doesn't necessarily mean they had an ill fitting saddle or somebody sat on them like a sack of spuds. Some horses just seem to slip a little hair and have saddle marks and others never do. I'm sure there are some people that will disagree but difference of opinion is what makes a horse race. In my opinion, anybody that professes to know everything about horses, saddles and fitting is just showing their ignorance and I for sure am not an expert even at 80 years old.
  7. The only draw back I see is that all sewing machines are 3 phase. If youi have 3 phase, non problem but if you don't, it could be a big prob;em
  8. Hasbeencowboy

    Clicker Press Dies

    Texas Custom Dies
  9. Hasbeencowboy

    Best value for leather

    I have been buying English Bridle and skirting leather from Wickett and Craig. I have no complaints. I bought a few items from Springfield Leather some time back and they charged me $25 for shipping and according to the invoice shipping was $17 or $18 , so in my opinion, what I bought wasn't all that good of a deal. Just something to consider.
  10. Hasbeencowboy

    Equine Tack Hardware Sources

    Jerimah Watt......Horseshoe brand
  11. I recently "inherited" a few carving and stamping tools. I rarely stamp or carve as mostly I repair my own stuff or occasionally make a bridle or 2. In this inherited stuff was a stick with Sapphire Swivel Knife Sharpener on it with what looks to me like emery cloth each side. It will sure put an edge on a knife blade. Black material on one side and red material on the other. Black is for sharpening and red is for polishing. Has anyone any knowledge of this? I have looked on line but gather it was a thing of the past. This one is about worn out but would sure like to get or make one. Thank you kindly for any help
  12. Hasbeencowboy

    Where to find....

    Try Ranch2Arena.com Jeremiah Watt products. He has horseshoe brand hardware and can probably build what you want
  13. Hasbeencowboy

    What to put on work surface?? (plywood)

    As a retired builder and if it were my work bench I would but a sheet of formica and be done with it
  14. I can only tell you what the gentleman at Pilgrim Machinery told me. You try pulling a 6" piece of leather and you will get such a hernia....... and I have one to prove his statement!!! And I was only pulling a 3" X 32" piece thru. I have since found and bought a Landis 30 splitter
  15. Hasbeencowboy


    I had a friend that had a pair of bronc chaps made from a moose hide back in about 1954. As I recall, they were pretty heavy leather but very soft and pliable. They seemed to wear pretty good until somebody liked them too much and stole them