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  1. I'm not sure of the brand. They're not Tandy as that seems to be a different system (I'm in the UK, so sizes are listed in metric). So #633 setter goes with 12.5mm s spring snaps, #201 with 10mm ring spring snaps, #831 with 15 or 17mm s spring snaps. that's what came in my kit.
  2. I have a set of hand setters that didn't come with any instructions, however I noted the numbers on them and have sorted out what sizes each should work with, but I can't find anywhere that has a full list or chart of what number for each type of setter goes with which size and type of snaps, in case I wanted to use different snaps than these. Also I have some snaps that are 8.5mm and can't find anywhere that sells setters for that size. Any ideas of where to find them, or even what words/numbers to search for? Thanks!
  3. Hello all, just joined. I have been dabbling in leatherwork for a couple years, making mostly accessories like belts, a belt bag, bracelets and little things. I'm really wanting to expand on it and try more challenging projects and make my own designs. I have also done a bit of laser cutting leather experiments - not as much info around about this out there, but I love to take advantage of whatever tools I get the chance to use, and I tend towards more modern designs. Anyways it's great to see all the info being shared here, I look forward to learning with you.
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