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    I have been working with leather off and on since 1970. I used to make filagree name belts to support a rodeo habit. Now I just play with as much as I can. I am always looking to improve my skill level.
    My other interest is working draft horses. I currently work at an exotic game ranch in Mooresville, NC driving horses for them.

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    Sporrans and Purses
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  1. Does anyone have a way to clean pig skin or suede leather? My wife has two suede leather vests, costs as much as the vest did to have them dry cleaned, and was told that it would make the leather stiff. HELP!
  2. Welcome from just north of you, Statesville!
  3. That looks great! How did you manage to sew the gussett on there without tucking any of the fur into the seam? And ditto on a supplier for the cantle?
  4. I am very new to holster making and have a question. How much do you add around the weapon when you draw your sew lines? Al Stolman book adds 3/4 of an inch. Is that enough for wet forming a holster of this type? Paddle? Thanks Donnie
  5. I have bought from Zack White for several years now, and have always had excelent customer service. Just give them a call! They will bend over backwards to insure you are happy! Donnie Owner and Sporran maker Wyvern Leatherworks
  6. Was a pattern ever completed? Even for sale?
  7. OdinUK, I used the antique gell ove the entire piece, black and all. The final finish is a sealer I get from Zack White. I like it because it has a UV protect-ant in it.
  8. It is a sporran, and I dyed the background black with a brush, an acrylic sealer to seal just the headphones, then used a med brown antique gel over the whole thing. Seems to add just enough color to the leather that isn't sealed.
  9. I believe he top piece is sometimes called a "cantor" also.
  10. A lot of ya'll seem to like skulls. Here is my latest effort.
  11. Thanks for the offer Tom, I ended up doing the emblem by hand, Whew!
  12. Does anyone out there know where I can find a Craftool Masonic emblem stamp or something similar? I have a project in the works and would really like to have or have access to one. I have found two on Ebay but they are out of my price range for just the one project. Thanks Donnie
  13. As always JD, you do very precise and beautiful work!
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