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  1. Exactly what I did. Thanks! The run from my box is quite long. I upgraded the main box for future options.
  2. Thanks so much for the info. I think I am going to give the enduro in eBay a try. I saw some videos on YouTube from user of this particular motor. They appear happy with the end results. The reason I liked the enduro motor was mainly the price. I wanted to know if the enduro motor was legit not just junk. I will keep my options open for the 110 also.
  3. Thanks so much for getting back to me. I truly value your sage advice. I understand the 110 norm. I know my way around electricity and custom installations. I have 220 in the garage where I am going to use it. I upgraded my house to run both 220 and 110. Many things in kitchen, garage, AC, pool,Family/entertainment room, emergency generator hook-ups, ect. That uses 220. I guess my question should have been, Any feedback on these motors? I am not a pro or will be using this in an industrial or professional production. If no one used them, Can someone recommend me a particular model that will work for my applications? I welcome any input! Not in a hurry to buy.
  4. Friend, I am in the market to upgrade my well maintained consew 225. I am planing to do slow thicker leather T138 work max. Mostly T105 and T90. Do you have any input as to which one might be the best suited for my type of needs? I saw a nice one deliver with tax for $60: Enduro Pro SM645B-2P Servo Motor w/ Positioner Industrial Sewing Machine 220V or this one for 65 deliver: Enduro sewing machine servo motor 220 volt ONLY variable speed motor SM1050-2PF. The prices are very low, and I wonder if these motors are just junk? Please advice, G.
  5. photo2u


    Beautiful work!
  6. I was looking at the Organ Titanium coated Needles also. They look good. I will give them a try. Thank you sir.
  7. Hello friends, I want to put my 225 to work and need to get some leather needles for Tex 70,90, and 138. Can you please recommend a needle company? I was about to buy some Organ brand needles. However, there are some Germans that do look good. Any input, if greatly appreciated! G.
  8. Great! I buff the driver as good as it can be. Thanks for the info. Finally, could you please let me know how about how little a should pry the end of the driver's? 1 or 2 millimeters?
  9. Thanks for getting back to me and helping me out with your sage advice. You are a fountain of info and I am absorbing it! I took out the shuttle driver. I clean and polish it the best I could. I was wondering how much I should carefully bend one of the arms? I was thinking about 1.5mm? or less? Also, you mentioned "polishing the trailing end where the thread exits" is that in the stainless steel Shuttle Hook? Thank you!
  10. Is this the area where the "prying" is needed? Please advise!
  11. Thank you so very much for helping me out. I am new at this as I just got into sewing. I was reading your instructions and I truly do not know the areas you are referring too. I am including an image to confirm if my understanding is correct. I welcome any input!
  12. Hi, I am new in this forum and I was looking for ways to make my 31-15 utilize tex 69 thread properly. I am interested in knowing how to "clearanced the shuttle driver and shuttle race" as you did to your machine? I welcome any advice, G.
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