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  1. hi there i am new here. i do not know i this is the place right for this topic . Your forum is maybe the best i have ever seen on the internet about leater it is a little strange that i found topics about bike seats bu i havent found anything for car seats , car interior , etc I am trying to restore an old classic car and i want to do the interior from leather so i guess the first things i should do is to make the prints in paper , to cut leather , to stitch leather etc i am not planning to do anything by myself , i can start with easy spots like gear lever , doors etc if you dont practice u do not learn so to start i havto learn how to make the schematics (i do not know the word in english sorry) for the leather , and to start cutting and stitching so the first thing is to learn the different ways to stictch 2 pieces of leather (it isnot like the "hard" leather u use in saddles etc ,its soft like cloth) i ca use some help here , i am waiting for some help of any kind (links-pics-books) thanks a lot and keep up! constantine from greece
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