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  1. Pintodeluxe

    Pfaff 335 Issue

    I'd be using a 120-125 size needle (#19-20) for 92 weight thread. Otherwise, there's too much friction as the thread moves through the eye of the needle.
  2. For upholstery work, a unison feed (triple feed) is very helpful. You won't have trouble catching the needle. A small motor pulley will slow it down a little. Enough for upholstery jobs. 550w servo has adequate power.
  3. Pintodeluxe

    Help with timing hook (Juki Lu563)

    It's a little hard to tell from the video, but you're probably very close. Would you say the hook passes the middle of the scarf in the needle? That's a good way to eyeball it. It may just be the camera angle, but it looks like the hook passes the eye of the needle. It should really pass the center of the scarf. I also agree with Wizcrafts you're too far from the needle. It should look like the hook is going to hit the needle, but without any deflection. I've had to adjust the needle guard on 563's before. But yours just look like it needs a couple timing and spacing adjustments. Keep at it. Once you get it running well, you'll see it's one of the best upholstery class machines available. I have a servo and speed reducer on my 563 and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I adjusted the needle bar so I could use 190 system needles. Basically you just raise the needle bar to accommodate the longer needle. You won't need to worry about that though.
  4. Pintodeluxe

    Pfaff 335 h3 doesn't sew properly

    This is the picture that had me worried. Immediately after you go through one guide hole it doesn't look like the thread is snapped down into the groove. It looks like you need to move the thread back towards the tension assembly plate to find the groove. If you make that one mistake, upper tension will be all over the map, and would explain the erratic stitch formation.
  5. Pintodeluxe

    Pfaff 335 h3 doesn't sew properly

    If the thread was forced into the wrong slot, and not really threaded correctly, it would certainly cause problems. You were right to suspect timing issues. That's the first thing I'd check if it wasn't forming stitches at all. If it's leaving loops on the bottom, you need more upper tension. Assuming the bobbin tension is okay, try rethreading it, and make sure the thread snaps in the pre-tension disc. With Pfaff's you can actually hear it snap into the disc. If you're out of tension disc adjustments, then look to add more passive upper tension IE: go through both guide holes before the pre-tension disc (threaded right-to-left on both holes). Good luck with it.
  6. Pintodeluxe

    Pfaff 335 h3 doesn't sew properly

    It doesn't look like the thread is snapped behind the pre-tension disc before the main tension discs. Additionally, if you need more upper tension you can thread right to left through both holes leading up to the pre-tensioner disc.
  7. Pintodeluxe

    Consew 206rb-2 help

    Looks like you're missing the needle bar thread guide. I doubt that is the only problem if the thread is breaking after two stitches. Usually if I notice that my thread has slipped out of the needle bar thread guide, it will start to shred the thread after sewing for a while. It's an important part to replace, and luckily only costs a few dollars. Post pictures of your thread path, and list the needle size and thread size you're using. People here are glad to help. If you're using old thread... no matter how good it looks... throw it out! If you're using unmarked or loose needles... throw them out! I cannot tell you how many sewing problems are caused by old thread or bent / incorrect needles. Good luck with it.
  8. Pintodeluxe

    "Vintage equivalent" of Juki 1541?

    Consew 206rb-1 would be worth comparing, to see what specs matter most to you. Or Juki Lu-563 and Pfaff 545 H4 if you prefer a top loading bobbin.
  9. Pintodeluxe

    slowing it right down

    I really agree with Wizcrafts that the dial type servos are slower and easier to use. I have come across a few brushless servos that worked just as good though. The better models allow you to not only reduce the maximum speed, but to control startup speed. It's not obvious from the control panel on the motor. I usually pull up the manual online to see how to adjust all the features. You can reverse the motor rotation, adjust max speed, adjust startup speed etc. Some are adjustable that way, and some don't have all those features. You'll just have to consult the manual. Good luck with it.
  10. Pintodeluxe

    Poor Quality Consew Parts from China?

    I've noticed quality issues with Pfaff style feet made in China. Very inexpensive, and very cheaply made. Sometimes they work fine, and sometimes they create problems. Same as the accessories for Japanese machines. Pay a little more and order OEM when you can. That fact alone wouldn't make me switch machines though.
  11. Pintodeluxe

    Just got a Sailrite Fabricator

    Like Techsew, Tacsew, Yamata and several other badged names. Most are not triple-feed style machine. They have the feed dogs and the walking foot mechanisms, but not the needle feed.
  12. Pintodeluxe

    Consew RB-5 skipping stitches

    Ok, go back to basics. Switch back to 90 weight thread and a #19 needle. Work on your tension settings starting with the bobbin tension. Set it for very light tension, with just a little resistance. Thread should feed easily and consistently from the bobbin case. Then adjust your top tension to match. Make a small change like a 1/4 turn, and retest. If it won't even sew a row of stitches by hand, it will be impossible to set the tension, and points you back to re-checking the hook timing with a fine toothed comb. I hope you find success with your machine and find it quickly. Can you post a picture of your tension assembly with the machine threaded? Thanks
  13. Pintodeluxe

    Consew RB-5 skipping stitches

    I wouldn't expect that machine to sew with 207 thread without modifications. 138 would be the max thread size I would use. I agree to check hook timing and spacing. As a quick check, switch to 92 thread and a #19 or #20 needle. This is a very common thread and needle choice for upholstery grade machines. See if everything sews okay in a variety of situations with the lighter thread. This will help you sort out thread and needle issues versus machine issues.
  14. Pintodeluxe

    Help! My machine is misbehaving.

    Why is it that when machines say "Heavy Duty" they rarely are. Same story with power tools. If it says Heavy Duty, I run the other way. If you post a couple pictures of the stitching on the top and bottom, as well as the thread path, I'm sure the experts here can give you some things to try. Any time I've tried to sew leather with a non-walking foot machine, it didn't go well.
  15. Pintodeluxe

    Pfaff 145 serial number location

    Look at item # 4 in the diagram above. See how the thread is supposed to continue horizontally from the tension discs to the check spring assembly? Your original photo doesn't do that. Yours incorrectly goes up and around the pin. I know many old pro's that thread their machine that way, but it's not standard.