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  1. H2345


    Thank you Djole. Will watch them ..Cabediver....trust me...its fun...just start and in no time you will find yourself enjoying it
  2. Wow. Must be a nice weeke because its super good looking....is that a little project? Thats a lot of work. Lol
  3. Morning  how hou doing.   Brief question...iam new at leather and i notice the difference between the chisel i got from amazon and the one i see here . Would hou recommend me a chisel for a biginner that iwll last lónger?

    1. William Bloke

      William Bloke

      Wow, I haven't checked in here for months and when I do Simone has left me a message 15mins ago!

      I can't see which chisels w

    2. William Bloke

      William Bloke

      We are talking about, but I'm guessing you've got a stiching chisel with diamond shaped points that is designed to be pounded right through the work to make sewing holes.

      I'm perhaps a bit old fashioned, but when I learned my trade I was taught to use what they call on here a "Pricking iron" and what we called a stitch mark. These are just tapped into the leather to give the spacing and angle of the holes. The actual holders are made with a sewing awl as you make each stitch.

      I think the stitching chisel, wallop it through and sew it up later will give good results on simple flat projects and has much less of a learning curve. Ultimately though, just marking where the stitches should be and making the holes with a awl is much more versatile, and will probably give a better, stronger product in less time in most cases. However it does take time to develop the skill. We don't really expect new saddler apprentices to be able to see well until their second year of full time work.

    3. H2345


      I appreciate your help.  I will look into it and welcomeback to the site.... we need expert like u and others who can guide us all in this craft.  I am new at this and its becoming a passion...so what better is there but to be mentored by the best and experienced people. 

  4. Morning....brief question...what is the best kind of chisel i can use as a starter

    1. Sanch


      Sorry for the late reply what kind of chisel are you referring to?

    2. H2345


      New at thos...i mean chisel for stuff like wallets... small stuff

    3. Sanch


      Stitching chisel can be found on eBay or Amazon 

  5. Very clean work.... professional look...impressive
  6. Agree about the sense of accomplishment..,, welcome to the site Collagen
  7. H2345


    i am in the process of learning and hand stiching is a real challenge..any advice?

  8. It holds with glue...i made one already and its very strong. I used conctact cement glue. ( same they use for shoes) Je ne sais pas if you can use any other thing, mais, cest tout that i know...also new at this but increasing in knowledge thanks to the site..keep the good work a bientot
  9. Agree...., no wonder my gravy is either too think or to watery.....who knew....learning leather and realized my issue with gravy....practice make almost perfect ...lol.... i will stop procrastinating... the bag is very good looking.....i hope to make something as soog in the near future
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