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  1. Hi Singermania ive noticed you have a library of manuals, do you happen to have one for a Toyota AD320 Ls2-ad320-202 compound foot thks
  2. I got it i reakin I’ll have that read 5 times over by the end of the night lol!! thks
  3. Thks for replies peeps im so excited, can’t wait to pick it up. Now to figure out what I can start making I’m sure I’ll be busy doing rug repairs etc. My toyota handles the tough jobs but this will do so much more. Singermania, Thks for the offer, I would love the manual. Do you want me to message you my email?
  4. Hi Anna, I’m looking at a machine ATM that looks exactly the same era as this one, do you happen to know the age of yours? Thks Wow, 79 years old Thks for that it looks like I’ve bought it anyway, can’t wait to get it home and use it. Yours looks to be in really good condition?? Mine no longer has any writing/signage left on it, just black
  5. ,yes, from Victoria, Austraila. So the one I'm looking at is around 70-80 years old, I'm looking at this as a useable machine. It' in pretty ordinary condition to look at but I'm getting the impression they are quite collectable, especially the black head ones?? Probably worth getting and hanging on to as a collectable machine? I guess if it does its job it's meant to do its a win win or should I look for something a little newer? sorry for questions but all new to me and I'm getting dizzy from googling all night :). thks
  6. Thks for reply I guess a little hesitant because of age, I’m guessing around seventy years old but it hasn’t been used in years, don’t know how well it’s been looked after and I’m not sure how to tell but been told it wasn’t used too harshly. I’m concerned about parts as well, not sure whether they’d still be about? It looked like it sewed well when I demo’d it, yes you are so right, a new machine may have been flogged so age sometimes doesn’t count. It the same as this one
  7. Hi Anna, I’m looking at a machine ATM that looks exactly the same era as this one, do you happen to know the age of yours? Thks
  8. I actually haven’t bought it yet, its not allowing me to put a photo up here I have found another singer on this forum exactly the same but don’t know how to add it here
  9. Hi how do I find out age of singer sewing machine . im assuming it’s very old as has the bobbin winder attached to machine, not to the side. cant find a serial no on machine but there are some numbers and writing on some of the parts one being simanco 97730. It’s the black singer thks
  10. sorry but couldn't load the file as its too big, it is available on superior sewing machines & LLC supply I wonder if it is rebadged, there doesn't seem to be any info on them or many around.
  11. Thks for replies, I already buy supplies from sewing machines Australia and have asked them but they don’t have a copy. I do have the parts list already which I found online, just thought it would be good to have manual as well. I also commented on old post (that you included) last year but no one saw it. I did get told it’s very similar to a consew (as far as parts go) can’t remember which model though Thks again
  12. Hi Does anyone happen to have a manual for Toyota walking foot LS2-AD320 ive tried absolutely everywhere including Toyota and it appears it’s non existent
  13. Just wondering whether the manual or info was ever found, I also have this machine and would be interested in the manual but cant find anything. thks
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