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  1. Thank you. I will check it out.
  2. I have looked at this one too. And yes, it's a dream machine with a big price! Not sure if this is a true German machine. Maybe Santa will bring us both one for Christmas.
  3. Looking for recommendations for the best & most reliable post-bed, single-needle machine with walking foot. Sewing automotive upholstery. We currently have a Juki 1508 - good machine! We have Adler-Durkopp 268-263 split bar needle feed but would prefer a single-needle walking foot with as much room under the pressure foot as possible. Would like machine that can handle thread size 92-277 but 207 would be fine. Pressure foot 5/8" lift or more. We a bought a brand new Highlead twin needle post-bed walking foot and returned it because machine quality was poor. Prefer German or possibly Japanese machine. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciate.
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