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  1. GJM

    My first bag

    Thanks for both your comments and suggestion. I’ve held back until I gained a basic understanding. But now that I got something that looks half decent, I might try and seek out some like minded people. Thanks again.
  2. GJM

    My first bag

    Thanks both for your comments. Sad to say I don’t know what leather I used. To be honest I find whole thing about choosing the type and thickness of leather a bit daunting and somewhat challenging. The leather came from a company called Pittards, who have an outlet store in Yeovil UK. I called in and picked it from quite a large selection.
  3. GJM

    My first bag

    Thanks again, I’ll give it a go next time. Cheers.
  4. GJM

    My first bag

    Thanks for the tip. I was a bit embarrassed about posting a photo in the first place. But I suppose if you are putting it out there it makes sense to show it in a good light. Thanks much appreciated.
  5. GJM

    My first bag

    Hi all, I'm not sure if I am in the right place as this is the first thing I have ever posted. I have always fancied trying my hand at leather work, but didn’t have the courage to give it a go, so I spent a long time admiring others work online. About eighteen months ago I was not too well and told that I would not be able to do anything for at least six weeks. I thought this would be a good time to give it a go. I bought some leather, a bunch of tools and a host of books. l've no idea what leather I bought, and the tools were a random collection of things I had read about that would get me started. I read the books, cut up the leather into pieces too small to make anything, so I stitched lines that didn’t lead anywhere and edged every piece of leather, no matter how small. I ended up with a whole bunch off cuts with cool burnished edges, but nothing to show for my long nights on the dining room table. More leather, still didn’t know what I bought, but it was quite thin. I made a tote bag. It was ok, bits of it were quite good and other bits not so. But the bottom line is I made something that did what it was supposed to. Totally excited, I made a few other small pieces, a couple of journal covers, an iPad case and a wrap over purse. All of these items followed the same pattern, some bits were quite nice, other parts not so. I didn’t take any photos as I didn’t think they warranted it. But I did give them away, and the people I gave them to really liked them, so hey. I think if I had taken a bit more time and not been so impatient to see what each step looked like, I may have produced a better Finnish. I'm starting to think this post is too long, my apologies. Anyway, I bought some more leather with a view to make myself an overnight bag. Same as all the others projects some bits are good, some a bit flakey. Overall I am really pleased with the result considering I did it from scratch with no real understanding of what I was doing. Just a vision of what I wanted. It looks quite good as long as you don’t get too close. Anyway here it is, thanks for looking and reading. I would be most grateful of any comments that may help with improving my finishing.