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  1. Bodra

    Hand skiving help

    80CRV2 Cheapest tool/knife steel I could find. Dont get me wrong here, it's not rubbish, it's a good steel, but it is cheapest amongst all other high carbon steels I found in EU shop. It's also known as L2 steel. I am not an expert nor have a lot of experience in working with metal so when I make a mistake I dont want it to be expensive I'll get a flat stock of 300*40*3.25 mm and start from there. I already tried making skiving knife and head/round knife and they turned out great. Not much fan of a head knife tho, but I really like skiving knife only downside is it looses sharp edge very fast and that's why I'll copy old design and make it with better steel, and make one with shallow angle we talked earlier to see how it performs at skiving.
  2. Bodra

    Hand skiving help

    After posting this video I tried his skiving technique with my skiving knife and I was suprised with result. I think I will be making new skiving knife similar to his, without wooden handle and with more shallow angle. I guess now its time to order some steel.
  3. Bodra

    Hand skiving help

    Most beautiful skiving i've ever seen! Hope you learn something from video.
  4. Hello, I've finished making template for my wallet, only thing left to do is to make gusset/flap for coin pocket. Id like it to be wider at top and narrower at bottom, and also flush with top. Is there any "formula" on how to make them? I hope you understood me. I just need one on each side.
  5. Hello, i've got myself a nice catch on flee market ... an old leather messengers bag and it has a beautifll patina all over it. Now... what I am looking for is to clean it up and restore oils and fats to it. Since I have on experience on this matter at all I though I'd ask you guys what to do ? I plan to salvage leather and use it to make minimalist wallets or some other small leather goods. Edges can be nicely burnished but when I try to fold leather it starts to crack. I though I'll start with saddle soap to clean it up and let it try before applying oil or fat. Will Mink Oil or Neetsfoot Oil help here? Or something else? Any help is appriciated. P.S. I'll post pictures of bag later this day.
  6. Hi folkes , got a bit of an issue here...I started making two watch straps for a buddy as present and after they were finished i noticed that my leather started to crack/wrinkle when bent a little. I've done some other straps from that same piece and they turned out to be just fine. Leather i am using is veg tan calf around 1.5mm thick ( 3-4 oz ) dyed with fiebings pro dye.
  7. Bodra

    Leather hide

    Hi, i've got myself first full calf hide and i've noticed that some parts are softer and stretchier than others. Do you use them to make goods or you practice on them etc... ? I tried to make minimalist wallet out of it and it didnt turn out ok. Any suggestions I can use them for ?
  8. Bodra

    Handmade leather tools

    I am aware steel is crap and since that was my first time working with metal I didnt expect how project would turn up and will i have everything what it takes to finish it ( I was mostly worried with heat treating ) Since ive learned a lot just making those when i will have more time i think I will invest in some proper tool steel like O1 or 1095 and make better quality skiving knifes ( one with straight edge and one with curved edge ) cuz it is and it will be most used tool and i want it to be resistant and hold sharp edge....although after few strokes on strop the edge comes shaving sharp every time.
  9. Bodra

    New Stitching Pony From Korea

    Even fully closed it leaves a little gap at the top? Are you stiching standing or seated cuz imo this sits high when seated or you can tilt it towards yourself?
  10. Bodra

    Hi there's, new guy from UK

    Welcome. Looking forward seeing your work.
  11. Bodra

    Handmade leather tools

    Thanks for kind words guys, really appreciate it. This is my first metalworking project and I learned A LOT making those. I have in plan making one more leather cutting tool and i think it will turn much better than these two ( just recieved today by mail buffing wheel and buffing compounds so they will have much better finish ) so stay tuned. But overall, the only important thing is that they perform good and since ive made them for myself they dont need to be perfect, they are not going for sale Next time I will do better job documenting steps in production so guys can see how simple it is and make something similar. As for bevels, skiving knife is chisel type grind ( single bevel ), head knife is convex grind and small knife is compound grind.
  12. Bodra

    Handmade leather tools

    Hi guys, just wanted to brag a little bit about my recent project Since I am new in leatherworking and it is kinda of expensive hoby after purchesing threads, pricking irons, hole punches, glue, cutting mat etc etc etc ( you know list goes on and on and on ) I decided to make some tools that looks easy to make and are quite expensive to buy online. I started project by drawing on a piece of paper templates. I drew templates by looking of images on google and adjusting what i think would work for me. Cutting was done with power tools and other work with hand tools. Steel used in project was old saw blade. Tools are shaving sharp and i was hitting wood with round knife like you would with an axe and it does hold edge quite decent. I quenched them and tempered. Sorry i dont have more pictures, i dont have a habbit of taking photos this is all I have. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  13. Bodra

    Pricking irons comparison for Newbies

    Does anybody know exact spi of seiwa 3mm stiching iron ? Some say 9, some 8.5 and some 8. Do you mind counting stiches per one inch and posting results here? I have 4mm Seiwa stiching iron and I can confirm it has 6.5 ( six and a half ) stiches per inch. I am thinking of getting 3mm for finer work.
  14. Bodra

    Stiching thinner leather <3/4oz

    I ordered few meters of 432, 532, 632 and 832 for sample. Will test them with 9spi and seiwas 4mm irons and see if i can find sweet spot. Will post results if I find something interesting.
  15. Bodra

    Stiching thinner leather <3/4oz

    Watched his whole channel, learned a lot from him. I tried his way aswell. Thanks for recommendation tho. As for awl...i use diamod shaped ones and i pull my right hand down and left hand up and after stiching i hammer my stich. I think i will experiment with different spi's and thread sizes. Maybe there is not enough room for thread to twist and angle itself or distance is to close with 9spi. Really dont know... I hope ill found best combo with thread size and spi.