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  1. Hey All, I am on the hunt for a Hand (balance) wheel for my 1917 Singer 31-15. I am looking for the larger (heavier) 6 spoke version that would have come on the treadle version of the 31-15. It should have a roughly 3" OD pulley. The part number is 2862. Someone put a modern smaller wheel on mine when they tossed it in a modern table with a motor. I would like to be able to interchange this machine with my 16-188, which means I need the correct handwheel for belt length etc. So if anyone has one, or can send me in a good direction to find one please let me know. Thanks!! -Aaron
  2. Hi Guys, First time posting here, and have greatly appreciated the knowledge I have found on this site. I have a 16-188 that I restored for doing canvas work on. When I bought it as a project it came with about 7lbs of brand new 16x63 needles of different sizes, and I knew that style was still made, so I never saw a need to investigate anything else. Well now I have a bit of work involving leather (6 oz oil tan), and just found out the obvious that the 16-64 leather needles are like hens teeth to find. I see mention of modifying some other models to use 135 needles, assuming it is just a change in needlebar position. Is the change in geometry of the needle eye to tip distance going to be an issue for the 16 class machines? Is there a better alternative needle design? Thoughts? Thanks!! -Aaron
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