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  1. KarlProsek

    Cracks on belt

    Thank you Wlg. Do you apply it only that time or even after the dyeing,too?
  2. KarlProsek

    Cracks on belt

    Really interesting,chief jason. By the way i have oiled (with evoo) the belt and the loop. After it i dampened the leather in the bending parts and the lifting is less noticeable. The color is thinner but without signs of cracking.
  3. KarlProsek

    Cracks on belt

    Thanks, so for the next items i will oil this leather a bit before doing anything. I will give a try with olive oil. As far as i read, it gets different result but i want to test it. Bye! K
  4. KarlProsek

    Cracks on belt

    Thank you all. There is an oil (or another conditioner) that doesn't darken the leather when applied? What's the best moment for oiling the leather? I think after the dyeing but before the finishing,since the alcohol in the dye can dry the leather,right?
  5. KarlProsek

    Cracks on belt

    No,but i fear that the cracks show up by simply inserting the strap through the buckle. you suggest to wet it after the finishing?
  6. KarlProsek

    Cracks on belt

    Hello there, i'm practicing about belts and found an "issue". As you can see from the attachment, the belt loop shows some little cracks when i bend it before the stitching. The belt as this issue,too. Probably the belt cannot withstand a normal everyday use without showing this defect. The leather is vegetable tanned, approximately 3 mm thick, dyed with fiebings pro oil dye (light brown) and finished with an homemade mixture of beeswax and fiebings's neatsfoot oil compound (40 wax and 60 oil). The mixture had darkened the leather, but that will be another thread. For any kind of advice,i wish to thank you. i beg your pardon for my english...you know, i'm Italian. K
  7. KarlProsek

    Salutations from Italy

    Hello there, a newbie is here! I have a lot of question already best regards K