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  1. Just finished this case. Still got a lot learning to do as far as finishing edges. Granted this is pretty thin veg tan (3-4 oz) so need to learn some better techniques for the thinner stuff. All in all pretty pleased. I don't have an iPhone X so only used dimensions found online and also added in a bit extra for those who like to also use an additional protective case for their phones. Also got my Maker's Mark a couple of days ago so been playing around with that as well. Now just need an arbor press. I used a C-Clap and the mark while the leather was on the wet form. Worked pretty nice but a pain in the you know what. Needed a couple extra arms and hands to do it. My father is a pretty handy wood worker so I may see if he can help me design and build a wooden arbor press that would work. Something similar to the floor corker I use when making wine. In any case hope you guys enjoy. Working on a small leather pen case for a client. Had to make a separate mold for it. He wants it smaller than what I already have so fun fun.
  2. Thanks guys. All good suggestions and didn't think about the holding power using just a magnet and a piece of sheet metal. Good point. May give goodwill store a shakedown later and see what they have. Thanks again.
  3. Howdy. Been working on some cell phone cases and I usually either use a sam brown stud or a snap and sometimes even velcro but my father has asked to make one with a magnet on the flap since that is what he has now but wants a leather one. I can't seem to find a magnet that would work and I am afraid to use a couple of the neodymium magnets as I'm afraid they will be too strong. Any idea on who sells the kind of magnets to put in the flap of a cell phone case? Putting a pic of one of my cases so you can see what I have to work with. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hey Gary. Yes I wet formed them with a dowel glued down to a block. Only using 3-4 oz and they seem a bit light weight but they seem to be holding shape well. I just rasped the end of the dowel to try and give me a good rounded end but didn't do a very good job. If I make any more I will try to make a better form with the dowel so I have a nicer shape at the bottom. Right now trying to make a form for a med size possible pouch/purse and trying to finish up my wife's purse. Just waiting on the clasp. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  5. Hey guys. Thanks so much. I just couldn't find these and this is perfect.
  6. So haven't been on in a while. Life gets in the way doesn't it? So anyway, been working on stitching, mainly saddle stitching and made some pen cases to try out this new Ritza thread I got. With this thread being sorta of flat I love how it lays.
  7. Hey guys. My wife wants me to make another purse but she is inclined to have a particular closure on it. She showed me a pic but I don't know what the type of closure is, what its called, or even where to find it. Anyone out there used this type before and if so what it is called and where can I get it? Pic I am including is just of the photo she showed me. I will not be making this kind of bag but would like to use the kind of closure it has. Thanks.
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