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  1. I only use a stitching groover for effect on a belt. I like the JJ needles too. I don't care for the Tandy big eyes unless the holes are round. I love love love the Tiger thread but cannot seem to appreciate the Lin threads. Have fun , awl! (Pun there)
  2. Ok, Thanks Tom, I tried the resize. Here is the picture. As you can see the has marks don't make sense (to me) and there is no other lineup mark that can be used. What am I missing? Thanks again to all!
  3. Thanks for the information.
  4. Thanks for all the feedback. Unfortunately, I can't add a photo because for some reason all my photos exceed the 1.45 MB limit. The pattern is in 3 pieces, 4 pages per piece. The edges of the patterns have hash marks but the hash marks don't line up into even boxes and are not themselves even. I am going to try the print and measure method and hope! Thanks again to all!
  5. I have purchased several PDF pattern just to see what happens. I find that many of them come in multiple parts that you are supposed to cut out, line up and glue onto a piece of cardboard. Most come without dimensions. Anyone have any suggestions for how to line up the patterns? Short of not purchasing these I was just wondering how folks make them work... There is always extra paper at the edge of the patterns or hash marks that just don't line up. Thoughts? Suggestions (besides just not buying them ever agin which I have thought of!! )? Thanks in advance
  6. I have been using Nigel's videos to improve my stitching (which I love to do). I am right handed but hold the leather the way Nigel does (who is left handed right?) My stitches end up looking better on the back of the piece than the front of the piece. Thoughts? Comments? Help?! Thanks all.
  7. thanks! I will try that. Several really nice projects ruined by my crooked stitching lines has me chafing to find a solution!
  8. Speaking of stitching... When I mark stitch lines on the front and back of my project.... they never line up when i use my stitching chisel to punch thru. I get a nice straight line with my compass but my holes are never on it on the reverse side. Help? Ideas? Same if I use a groover. I am careful to hold the chisel straight up and down but one side of the project always has wavy lines. Any advice welcomed!
  9. I use the sticky peel off shelf liner on the back of my project to help it keeps its shape. I've tried painters tape too.
  10. That is a darn good question... why do i want to punch holes first.... I think it is, (now was!), because i thought that the straight edge for marking a stitching line and holes was the straightest before tooling etc. But even as I type that it doesn't really make sense. It makes sooooooo much more sense to punch through all layers of leather once they are cemented together.... Punching straight wasn't the problem, it was getting two pieces of leather punched separately to line up... Again, thanks to all!
  11. OK, I think I have finally figured out what i am doing wrong... Duh me! Thanks to everyone. I need to punch holes AFTER i have finished with tooling and dyeing when the pieces are attached to each other... rather than try to line up holes and punch before the project is ready to stitch. Too many prepunched Tandy Kits in my past I guess. Thanks again....
  12. Does this mean that you don't punch stitching holes or even make a stitching groove until after you have completed the project.. so that when you adhere front to back it is with permanent cement??
  13. Thanks... I think what is happening is that I punch the holes separately in the front and inside pieces and don't attach them first to punch holes. I am going to try that, then peel apart for tooling etc. It makes sense if you punch first to attach them but I was letting the how do I get them apart or line them up correctly get in my way. Thanks to all and will let you know how it goes....
  14. Awesome, thanks. Does this mean you punch holes after tooling and dyeing? Or do you use a non permanent cement to glue them together for hole punching then tool and dye? Double sided tape??
  15. Any tips on how to properly line up inside and outside pieces for saddle stitching holes using diamond point chisels? I am having a dickens of a time lining up the saddle stitching holes i make with a diamond chisel on the front of my card case or wallet with the holes i punch in the inside pieces. I have tried using the BRL precut templates which come with hole marks but none of my diamond chisels match the spacing and doing a project with a one hole chisel seems crazy. Last time i had the holes on the outside piece going in one direction and the holes on the card case inside pieces going in the opposite direction. (A shame because I spent a lot of time tooling some sumo wrestlers.) I can't afford a drill press or anything like that. Any ideas and pointers will be most welcome. Thanks !
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