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  1. Leebroox

    Camping Stools

    That's awesome. I never considered making my own. Now its on my list. Thanks. Thanks. I considered making this chair when I did my Campaign Chair. Settled on the campaign chair because of its history. Nice job on yours.
  2. Leebroox

    Camping Stools

    Thanks. I have been stressing on my dyeing techniques and getting the results I want. These came out the closest to what I had envisioned. Learned a lot. Thanks for checking them out.
  3. Leebroox

    Camping Stools

    Yes, It was a gift for my niece, She plays cello. The Stool is the perfect height to practice with. Thanks for checking them out.
  4. Leebroox

    Camping Stools

    Some camping stools I did for my nieces and nephew Christmas gifts. Modeled after Christopher Schwartz’ campaign stool.
  5. Leebroox


    Thanks! I’ve only been doing leather work for about a year now and I’m having trouble locking down a good dyeing/coloring process. This was the most recent book cover I did and I have not figured out how to get that clean two-tone effect without the darks bleeding into the lights... thanks for your pointers. I’m guessing the angelus matte is what is used as the resist finish over the lighter areas? Leland
  6. Leebroox


    I really like the dye work and the cleanliness of the lettering. Can you walk me through your process for getting such a clean two-tone effect? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks. Yes the liner is just glued except for the stitching you do see. The liner is upholstery red leather (We'll see how well it holds up) So far so good. My wife has been using it a lot. Her only complaint is that it is heavy. Yes it is an Italian acrylic latex edge paint on the edges. Thanks all. Yes you're correct it is Red. Bad photos.
  8. Leebroox

    Campaign Chair

    Its funny you should ask. The legs are some scrap wood I found in the back of a wharehouse. I think it is some kind of pine/fir but I really don't know. The spreaders are 1 1/4" Poplar Dowels. The Mortise and Tenons were all done by hand. The legs were carved and shaped with a spokeshave by hand. Thanks for checking it out.
  9. Leebroox

    Campaign Chair

    Stonegate, that's awesome you know it as a Roorkhee chair. Not many people do. Roorkhee was the place in India where it was originally designed. It evolved into different names like the Safari Chair, Campaign Chair, Demountable Chair between the 1920's all the way to the 1970's.
  10. Leebroox

    Campaign Chair

    Thanks. It comes apart but it does not fold. The original design was from the late 1800's. Its meant for an Army's camp or battalion position. Made popular by the British Military Officers. It breaks down in about 5 minutes and can be wrapped into a bundle using the seat and back and securing together with the arm straps.
  11. Leebroox

    My 4th Project

    Thanks for the support... Appreciate it Thank you for the advice. I know I have a problem with consistency and I see more flaws in the photographs then I had previously caught so it helps to definitely reexamine the work. Really appreciate the tips Thanks! And he did. Thanks for the support. Cheers everyone. Thanks again.
  12. Leebroox

    My 4th Project

    Thanks for that. I was trying to get this effect (This is obviously not mine but it is what I am striving towards) from the beginning and it wasn't working. I did the resist like I have seen and heard others talk about but my results were obviously way off. I'll try to do a small section next time to see what I get. As far as the swivel knife I was wondering if I was casing the leather correctly or if my knife is not sharp enough. SO I am going to keep trying to refine those two things and I'll employ your advice with the scrap pieces. Thanks again. Leland
  13. Leebroox

    last saddles

    Man those are gorgeous! Beautiful work!