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  1. Hey Dale...I meant set up the whole tent in the garage...as for the display I have large enough areas indoors to photograph that. I just thought the show jury wanted to see the whole set up...I am in a rush to do all this...thanks for the links!
  2. The rolls are for gardens to cover fences and such in patios etc...make them pretty and you could trim it to size...there are several places on internet that sell different options. As for the velvet it would be stretched on the folding display screen so would never get rolled up or wrinkled...though you may be right I will check into lots of fabric options
  3. Oh my gosh I love that guy at 'Brettuns' too funny! My husband and i found him when ordering punches, very helpful and his sense of humor is fab... I love the idea of win a free guitar strap...(I charge between $300-$450) I think you could tell them to check the website to see the winners list as well and that would get them coming back...and checking in. They could put address memail or phone or all or some of that for the folks worried about spam. I did want to point out that I do have detailed close ups on the website, and I plan to add a links or testimonial page and maybe one about myself. I really have concentrated on the straps and photography for now. What was it you found 'impersonal'? I need the constructive criticism! I do also think I need to go into more detail about the process, I just have the bit about hand sewing the gemstones and not much more. I worried it could get to be too much for people. How do you all feel about photos of the artists on web pages? i have been trying to decide if I should stick my picture up there, or just my cute dog Lola! (kidding)
  4. My logo is the sun you see on my posts so I was thinking to use like a 3 or 4 piece folding screen so to speak with a burnt orange to match logo velvet or velveteen material sort of stretched in between the frames then I can set them up anywhere and use both side or just one as stock (hopefully) is sold I wondered about using bamboo shades (or a fence roll of bamboo) to hang on inside of tent to act as weights and warm up the feel...not sure I want all white interior when sides are down... however I thing using just the back or 2 sides may give more layout options my biggest fret now is getting it done and somehow photographed for the sign up time at the end of March...how can I do that in winter yipes
  5. Has anyone used guest books at shows to get people to stay in the shop a bit longer, or try to get a sort of mailing list of future clients going? I was thinking it could be useful? any other ideas? helpful hints????
  6. Hi all, Happy New Year, Prosperous New Year! I am trying to get my self geared up for my first art shows this year. I got the idea to attend from this forum and I am excited...I have choosen only 3 local shows in some pretty cool venues in Minnesota. Here is my question, the shows I want into are 'juried' not a big deal as far as my product goes, but they also want pictures of my display! Well, I don't have one yet...I found a great canopy with 4 walls (ezup style) and will likely order it, then get Husband (great wood worker) to build displays for my guitar straps. Do you think I will need to set this whole thing up and photograph it all in my garage or something??? I need to send it in by March 31...or just close up of the displays (once I get those built) It is cold here in Wisconsin and I can't imagine they want to see a snowy photo...or should I set it up in the snow and freak em' out for my enthusiasm? LOL! Next question; When I send in my art photos, do you think I can send in the photos of the art against guitars like on my website www.ruliens.com or should i take pics with straps only? I know I seem sort of dim about all this but I really want in to these 3 shows...less for selling and more for feed back and self confidence. I am not sure that what I am doing will get considered as art though I feel it is. 'nother question; can we disscuss booths again please...I have read and re-read all the stuff on the forum and I think there is more to learn on this subject. Thanks in advance for any help or advice, this place rocks! It has really pushed me along and given me motivation and help
  7. I realise this is an old topic, but I thought you might find it interesting how I sign my guitar straps. I use a dremel tool with a tiny tiny bhur on it and write whatever I want sort of like a pen...I use a very light touch...then I use a metalic gold pen, fill in two times where I have dremel-ed the writing...after it is a nice gold color I use acrylic resolene to seal it...I think it looks pretty good and gives it a hand created quality, like a nice artist signing of their work
  8. Marlon, are you asking me for photos or someone else in the line of posts? In case you mean't me here are 4 pics...2 of straps that I did with piping for finishing the edges and 2 without, that I am trying to make more done looking (they look fine probably just me being picky!) thanks for all the answers and ideas everyone!
  9. well I use an olfa mat and I guess my blade can cut thru easily but the buffalo is soft and to be exact I definately like just scoring with a scapel or blade...it is the scissors I am really needing...but some special kind that works on thicker leathers as well and allows me more power for less squeeze so to speak. I just thought there might be a special type for leather!
  10. Hi here is another question for ya'll I make guitar straps with inlay stones and cut outs etc... to do this I make my design and then score the leather with a box cutter knife, then I go in and cut it with scissors. My question is this I am using regular dress makers Fiskars scissors...my hand gets tired and I was thinking there must me a better really REALLY sharp clipper type of thing for cutting the details that I need with a lot of control and less squeezing on the scissors. Any idea of a scissor that would work for me? I will try to attach pictures of the detail I need to acomplish. thanks in advance for any help!
  11. Hi all...I read for about and hour about burnishing last night...but did not see an answer to this... I sew two types of leather together for my guitar straps, buffalo and a heavier cowhide on the back for stability. How do I burnish these two together? I try by hand with my little plastic Tandy wheel thing, but it seems to just mess with the buffalo, and the cowhide ends up looking just okay. Is there a trick to this? any hints on finishing my edges? I am very new to the whole burnishing thing. I saw the machine on ebay, but was not sure something like that was the way to go for the 2 leathers together! HELP!
  12. Thanks you guys! I looked all over for this topic but it was late, and I guess I did not search correctly...I get the idea of how to do this, now to find the jewlers rouge...should I just buy online, or is there a type of shop to find this stuff? This forum and everyone on it are so helpful...I read about burnishing for about and hour last night. I have a question about that but will post a new tiopic! Cool
  13. Hi everyone! I have a cheepy beveler from Tandy...it is dull (oh this happens so fast!) how do I sharpen the dang thing? Where can I buy a fancy-smancy one that won't get dull so fast? thanks, Kim
  14. I like the aged look to be honest! I think it is awsome. I had to dye some buffalo that was already dyed brown, and I wanted it black...I did not have acetone to use so I tried fingernail polish remover (cheap dollar store version) I did a quick rub down and it worked really well and accepted the black dye with out it pooling on the surface... Probably not a profesional 1st choice, but it did work and was scented of lemon LOL!
  15. Here a just a couple pictures of what I am trying to do! Took some trial and error but I am getting pretty good at it and figuring out which stones work and which ones don't! The designing is also pretty fun! Now to sell some...with any luck, my personal economy may improve next year!
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