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  1. Arbor press works great for many different applications
  2. Thank you for the reply JerseyFirefighter I'm pretty set on this buckle for this project so I guess I'll test the waters and order one. Hopefully the buckle will be of good quality and the company good to deal with. I will definitely keep the Cobra buckle in mind for future projects though. My next belt I'll be making after this one will be a mechanics belt...thinking I'll probably end up making my own 2 prong buckle for it though I am open to any sources for cheap mechanics buckles if you might know of any?
  3. Hi, I am working on a gun/everyday belt and am interested in using a Firemens quick release buckle for it. I am thinking of going with the 1.5 inch buckle on a 2 inch belt I stumbled onto this one in the link and am wondering if anyone has used it before? What do you think of the quality of it? Is it a good price? Also has anyone ever delt with this company? Are they easy to deal with,reliable? https://www.churchill-leather.com/mobile/product.aspx?ProductCode=QR Any experience you can share with me would be greatly appreciated Thank you
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