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  1. The first photo is what I guess to be the main problem. The thread gets caught in the thread tensioner slot(?) on the side of the shuttle/hook/bobbin case (don't know what to call it?) There are no clips or levers anywhere. It just drops into the plate. The photo of the throat plate show it in furthest travel one way, but I missed the other extreme in a clockwise direction.... The small hole on the top surface of the "moulding" goes just past the mark on the cylinder wall. I advanced it as far as it would go and still pick up the loop but didn't make much difference? The grub screws going through the cog on the end of the vertical shaft have a kind of a small pin on the end and they kept pulling it back around to the original position. I swapped one grub screw for a flatter one and it stayed where I wanted it to. I'll shot a video of the hook picking up the loop and completing the "stitch" cycle... will work out how to get it up on youtube and post a link. Any advice is much appreciated. Cheers, Rod
  2. Sorry, this took a while... no smart phones here! Thanks for the information Tom. I'll put the photos up first....
  3. Thank you, yes, looks very similar... I assume the table and the machine go together? Do you have the hook/bobbin case? I would like to see a photo of it when you have time. The other thread has the photos of my hook/bobbin case. It all went a bit wrong when I was trying to put up photos.
  4. Hi all, could anyone help me identify and troubleshoot this sewing machine. It has been dropped, taking someones knee out in the process, and the top arm of the frame cracked. It was welded and everything went back in place OK. It was working briefly about 20 years ago, then we moved and it got "stored" in the corner of the workshop. Have decided to resurrect it. First of all, any idea on the make and age? Secondly, I'm trying to get it to sew... it's timed well and the hook picks up the loop every time but the thread keeps catching on the opening in the bobbin case/hook where the tensioner is and won't complete a stitch. The hook just sits in there and rattles around, there is no clip or anything to hold it in. I'm wondering if there is something missing? If you don't out any tension on the needle thread it goes around the case and comes back up under the hook no problem. Say when picking up the bobbin the bobbin thread, but as soon as you try to sew and hang on to the thread ends to make the first stitch it catches on the case and won't slip around under the hook... Hope this makes some kind of sense... Thanks in advance... Rod ...Finland
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