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  1. Regarding of casing the leather: you probably have learnt not to drown it as I did when I started out; the colour of the leather should turn to almost normal, but it should feel cold to the touch. leatherthresher.
  2. Still an other "land" here, yes, it's Switzerland: The leatherthresher.
  3. Hello ZOR, I second the suggestions of NORTHMOUNT and NEEDLES. In my own words: that mistake happened almost in the middle of the decoration. As example: mistakes like such one, but on a postal stamp can, when detected by collectors, cause to raise the price of such a postal stamp immensely. So, even basically a mistaken cut, it is indeed unique and could serve as a signature cut. Have a nice day, Mark, the "leatherthresher".
  4. Hello Rich, When reading your post regarding your planned trip to Italy, looking to find maybe amongst others a leather related school, I remembered I had found some time ago websites of such schools in Florence, the Italian city you intend to stop by. Now, if you go and google under "Leather School in Italy", a whole bunch of such websites appear amongst them the website www.scuoladelcuoio.com/scuola-del-cuoio-about-us... will most probably find your special interest in. By the way: "scuola del cuoio" is the Italian word for "school of leather" or "leather school". There is quite a wealth of information offered that will probably match your trip plans; at least I hope so! Regards, Mark, the leatherthresher.
  5. ....and you placed the maker's stamp so decently in between that sort of scrollwork; looks just like a sweet little ornament. Excellent, really excellent. Mark, the leathertresher.
  6. Wraith, thank you for your answer. So your fingers didn't get sore, as that weren't just a few holes, there. Lucky you! The question came up, as I tried to lace a project but had only one of those two- or three-tonged lacing needles at hand and the lace I wanted to use was even 5 or 6mm. And I messed with the holes!!! My wife is trying to make still the best out of it, as I regarded it to have become scrap. The project will have to wait, as my wife has to undergo a surgery on her left eye, but will see afterwards as good as she had never seen since almost toddler time. Mind boggling!!! Thanks again, the leatherthresher.
  7. Just like to second what the others already said. Yet, I have a question: what width did you use for the lace (2, 3mm, more?) and what tool used to pull through the lace through the wholes (plier, other?)? Thank you a lot for your answer and keep on with your fine work. Mark, the 'leatherthresher'.
  8. Hello rickeyfro, Greetings from Switzerland. As a subscriber of *The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal* I found in their "10th Anniversary" issue the company name and address of Marcellus. It's as follows: MARCELLUS-ORIVA LEATHER CO., INC., 12601 Crenshaw Boulevard Hawthorne, CA 90250 Via telephone: (310) 970-1166 (310) 970-1166 Via Fax: (310) 970-1156; Via e-mail: sales@leathercraft-lace.com. I found their website by googling and it's: www.leathercraft-lace.com. Hoping this is what you were looking for. Have a nice day. The "leatherthresher".
  9. Hi OdinUK, Thank you for the pictures. What I can see from them you have done quite well. Congratulations. Mark, the leatherthresher.
  10. Hello OdinUK, I am quite glad that pointer was helpful to you. Now, I am curious to see the pictures of it. All the best in bringing the work ahead. Mark, the leatherthresher.
  11. Hello OdinUK, Greetings from Switzerland, first. The way you would follow to line a guitar strap with suede sounds quite reasonable to me, although I cannot remember having done such project in the past. However, I think to remember that among the tutorials here, there might be the one and other dealing with this issue. However, what I would put ahead of glueing the strap to the suede, is the tooling of the leather (carving, stamping), as the strap first has to be made wet (I prefer to do that on the fleshside of the leather as well as on the grain side). It's wise to do it on scrap first, you save yourself a lot of frustration that you would have otherwise. Now, I hope that somebody here chimes in that can give you even better advise on how to do your project. Have a nice Sunday afternoon and good luck with your project. Mark, the leatherthresher.
  12. Very pleasing to look at this items, as they are well made, say clean, proper stitching and of course for me as a Swiss national most pleasing: the Victorinox knife with the Swiss flag. Well done! Greetings from Switzerland, Mark, the leatherthresher.
  13. Hi Skald, Hope, I write here in the correct space. Regarding your worrying about stamps made of junk metal: try by googling *Pro Leather Carver's Supply. They sell the old Crafttool Co.-stamps without letters, just numbers; these are good stamps, not junk metal. They sell also the stamps of the Pro Crafters Tool Collection which stamps line is also offered and sold by Hide Crafters. These stamps' prices shouldn't be a burden, also with a limited budget in mind. Then, *Pro Leather Carver's Supply* sells also Hackbarth stamps. Their prices aren't that affordable as the stamps lines mentioned before, but may be worth to have a look at. Regards, Mark, the leatherthresher (from snowclad Switzerland - but not a problem.).
  14. Hello jazznow, I second frank and joet in their recommondation of the the Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal. I am a subscriber of it and am entirely happy with it. Mark, the leatherthresher.
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