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  1. The main material is linen. Since 100% linen is easy to break and pill, a bit of cotton is added to improve the tensile strength.
  2. According to many years' experience of our leatherwork team, we originally design and develop the diamond four-prong chisel, which is suitable for larger arc punch. Compared with 5-prong chisel, it is easier to play a significant role for 4-prong when punching the arc area. It also maintains high efficiency for the straight parts as well. Each prong are exactly the same as the middle one so that the every holes are exactly same. High quality white stainless steel. Strong, durable and wear-resistant. Uneasy to break and bend with high ductility. Sharp rhombus tooth is easy to pierce 3mm thick vegetable tanned leather and helpful to punch quickly and effortlessly. Light and conformtable to grip, the body of prong is as small as possible in order to reduce the shoulder fatigue caused by a long time punch. Easier to grasp steadily due to low center of gravity. Grinding and polishing, more natural and environmental without blackening.
  3. Hi Zuludog, I am not sure if I can put my online taobao shop into here, will send it to your mailbox. Pls see the the price for retails as below. Since the order need to be shipped from China, this price is not included the shipping fees. 0.42mm diameter 4.50 pounds/pc 0.50mm diameter 4.25 pounds/pc We are scheduled to launch online shop of ETSY...hope everything goes smoothly, then the order can be shipped from Poland in January 2018.
  4. MYJ waxed linen cable thread with good materials and special technology to learn the advantage of similar products abroad, to build on the innovative development of a new product. This thread has the following advantages: Nicely full and rounded; Strong and durable; High abrasion resistance; Resists dirt and stains; Has a nice sheen and beautiful look. It is the best choice of thread for many traditional and modern crafts such as sewing leather, bead making, costume jewelry and even bookbinding. Now there are three colors (black, white, brown)is available under two different sizes: 0.42mm diameter / approximately 200 meters 0.50mm diameter / approximately 180 meters We are developing the more colors recently.
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