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  1. Yes! Thank you.
  2. I am wanting to get into carving and tooling to spice up my holsters. I did a spruce tree today at our leather working breakfast and decided to go ahead and buy a few swivel knives and some stamping tools and what not. What are some good tooling sets to buy? Craft tool? Or is there something better? Please don’t ask to see my tree...
  3. That was my beer drinking recliner!
  4. Thanks everyone, this helps a lot
  5. I am making a few holsters and for one of them I would like to put a brand on the front fold. Is there a way I can brand or mimic a brand on veg tan? Hot wet it, punch it, and dye it or ???
  6. I am speechless. I thought my boulets were good lookin boots but then i see yours and i am blown away.
  7. @Jake907 is going to pass out when he sees this. All I hear about is boots this and boots that.
  8. Hey guys, I’m shock. I moved to Alaska a little over a year ago and got connected to Jake907 through a mutual friend. The winters are long and dark with the sun going down at 3pm. Needless to say, there is plenty of time for hobbies. I’ve been around leather working for as long as I can remember; I grew up in south central Kansas across the pasture from a master leatherworker and saddle maker. Any time I wanted a sheath for a knife blade I epoxied into a whiletail antler or anything else I could dream up, all I had to do was ask. Sometime in high school, he gave me a box of leather scraps and some simple advice (use a sharp knife. Your knife isn’t sharp unless it cuts through leather like a razor through paper. My knives are never that sharp.) and turned me loose. When I moved up here, Jake gave me a box of scrap, a box of hardware, a diamond awl, and a ton of thread. So far, everything I have made has been extremely rudimentary. I am too cheap and poor to afford a side or really any leather so I do what I can with scraps and rejected projects. Current projects include a gun/utility belt and a purse/shoulder-bag for my wife. Attached is my first completed project in Alaska. Jake helped a ton with it, and all the mistakes are mine. And yes, it sits upside down and horizontal in the small of my back. I’m excited to be here to learn from you all. shock
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