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  1. Please PM me as well. Do you have any books on bag making?
  2. I've never seen them. I'm making one for a .270 and .243. I'm using my winchester sxp 12ga as the template. I'm making one like TinBadge. I was think about the same thing for the eyelets. I was planning on stitching a thin piece under the main part.
  3. I too am making butt cover, and 1) I'm having trouble with the bullet loops. Im having a hard time pulling the trigger on design 2) scared that the eyelet will scratch the stock. Has anyone ever had seen wear the eyelet scratches the wood?
  4. Aresioh

    Hello from Houston Texas

    956 here. I started about the same time too. Leather working has been fun and painful...especially for the new hand stitch wallet. Lol
  5. Just out of curiosity, did you figure out that question about hair on hide inlay? And what was it that you were creating?