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  1. Sooo............ I think I have a problem but that's another conversation. I just picked up a Singer 241-11. I know it is not really a leather machine but the price was right and I wanted the table and I'll sew something with it. In the manual it shows system 88x9 needles for the 241-11 and 16x257 needles for the 241-12 and -13. My machine seems to have the 16x257 needles installed and it seems to sew fine with the limited use I have given it. I bought it from a lady that had been using it for production work up until recently. My questions are............ what is the difference between the two systems? Are they interchangeable (they don't seem to be from limited research)? What would have been done to my machine to allow the use of the different needles? The 16x257 needles seem to be a better needle for me considering that they are called for in the heavier machines. Thanks
  2. I'm open to options......... cost will be a factor too but if I can't find a whole table that works then I will go with building one. I'm leaning towards buying legs and then making a top. Fairly undecided at this point.......... weighing my options I guess. I have been looking on FB............ nothing yet.
  3. Thanks for all the ideas… my bigger issue is the base. I can fashion a new top but the whole table that I have is shot. It was cobbled together with an old counter top and some electrical conduit.
  4. I’m not opposed to modifying the table some if need be… wasn’t sure how the support was under the top. I was thinking that I could mount the foot pedal on the bottom center bar and fashion a “heel block” of sorts.
  5. Was not thinking about a drip pan… it doesn’t currently have one. If the tray only catches the occasional drip? … I’m thinking I could make something work.
  6. I recently purchased a Singer 107w3 with a bad home made table. I assumed that nothing would be readily available so I have a plan to make my own out of an industrial work bench.................. then I though I should at least pose the question and tap into the vast knowledge available around here. Is anything new available that would work for this machine or am I better off making my own. This is what I was thinking of for making a table. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-46-in-Adjustable-Height-Work-Table-HOLT46XDB12/301809931
  7. I picked it up for $60 ............. the table is just a hack job so I will get or make a new / different one at some point. I tested it briefly when I bought it and it all moves. It's pretty gummed up which I was suspecting so I will give it a good cleaning and oiling before I try to do any sewing with it. Looking forward to having it in a nice table all cleaned up and sewing. Thanks for all the help and input on such short notice.
  8. Edit noted............ what if the timing belt is not in good condition............ can they still be found?
  9. Thank you sir.......... that helps alot. I was pretty stoked about the w1 (I thought that's what this was at first) then I figured it was the w3 and I was a little bummed. I don't intend to use this for leather........ hopefully for canvas and heavy fabric though. Just seems like the price is right.
  10. Sooo......... I came across a singer 107w3 locally (kinda) for $75........... it appears to be complete from the pics, the seller doesn't have much info. She states that her brother bought it from a lady who sewed some dear hide with it to show him it worked, he never used it. The seller does not know I am a leather worker so that was just a random statement. I know a little about the 107w1 but nothing about the w3 and can't seem to find anything other than it was designed to baste and tack coat linings. (I think). The w1 seems like it would be a cool machine to have.......... not necessarily for leather, just to have. How does the w3 compare to the w1?
  11. Funny… those buckles are what I was looking at. Thinking of belts as well.
  12. Cool stuff........ thanks for the link. Already found some things I could use.
  13. I am keenly aware of this fact… it adds to the fun. I currently make various leather goods for the fire service and I’m to the point that I could really use a machine. My none-fire goods make more money for me but I don’t get to put as much time into them because of the fire leather side. I can’t keep hand stitching everything, it just takes too long. I started with the fire leather side and don’t won’t to let that slide so I just need to increase efficiency. Thanks for all the input… it all helps with the decision making.
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