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  1. Does anyone have any experience with repairing ladies' purses? I've repaired like 5 purses in the last 3 weeks. Mostly by a referral by a shoe repair shop. If anyone has experience with this, what kind of method do you use for charging for repair? What kind of repairs do you do or NOT do and why. Any and all thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. I genrally stop at 3/4 oz. You could go lower, but the definition just will not be there. So I'd say 3 oz.
  3. Chief Stealth, there is also a leatherworking club there in Seattle. They publish the Rawhide Gazette. They host seminars with folks such as Peter Main and Chan Geer. Lots of good knowledge there. You might try them.
  4. I don't suppose you still have this tool do you? Also located in WA. Thanks,
  5. One supplier of course is Tandy. Their different sizes and all be sharpened much better than the come from the factory. Just use some wet/dry 1200 grit sand paper on a hard surface until it is polished. Then use rouge on a piece of leather to make the final polish. it must be polished to be sharp! Another supplier is Barry King Tools of Sheridan, WY. He makes stainless steel edgers that come sharp. But to keep them sharp, use the method above. Does this answer your question?
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