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  1. If there are No machines then no bottlenecks and truly hand made. But I agree with you it would limit the operation. if you had 2 or more people with the same skills there why would they have to work for the other guy... unless you can find craftsmen that want to stitch but not market... Sled
  2. To me Handmade will never be the same for everyone. How about if only 1 person does all steps.Thats handmade to me. Clicker? sewing machine? no matter all the skill for whatever "Tool" was used all came from one person. Let them sign it or something would make it even better even if 50 people are doing it at the same time. Machine stitched is never hand stitched, but can still be handmade. I think for leather goods, the hand stitched is what matters most, not the cutting of the leather. people know what hands and sewing machines are even if they do not know their worth. how many even know what a clicker press is? Sled
  3. Also I did have to file down 1 of the set screws in the collars, only 1 goes into the keyway, so the other is a little tall. Sled
  4. Exactly, except that the collars are touching each other. Anyone with a 241 can be running the 6 inch pulley in a week. Is there a list of machines where this shaft would be the same size? It would work for them too. I mean beyond the -11, -12. -13.
  5. there are 2 sleeves,sheaves,collars. click the first link. you need 2 of those. Sled
  6. You need 2 of these. https://www.ruland.com/MSC-15-F.html And 1 of these https://www.zoro.com/tb-woods-standard-v-belt-pulley-595-od-ak611/i/G6637970/ Goes on like magic, no modification at all. EWell I did have to move the auto bobbin filler
  7. there is absolutely NO SMELL!! It is permanent fast, this is for true permanent glueing. if you just want to hold something till it is stitched use this one. http://sorrellnotionsandfindings.com/product/aquilim-sg/ Both are fantastic at what they do. I am new to this but cannot believe I will ever use a different product.
  8. http://sorrellnotionsandfindings.com/product/aquilim-315/ Sled
  9. so 1 set of calipers later it is between 9/16 and 5/8 like 9.5/16 Thanks Singer!! Sled
  10. I do not have calipers, and the parts manual does not list dimensions... I need the exact size of the OD of the shaft at the hand pulley end. I thought it was 9/16 so I looked for a pulley that was larger that had an ID or Bore of 9/16 but could not find a large pulley. So... I looked for a collar with a 9/16 ID/Bore and an OD of 1 inch to match the pulley I found them. Well I found it but it does not fit the machine shaft... SO... I went up to 5/8 and 1 inch. The 5/8 is large on the shaft and the chinese 1 inch does not fit the pulley. AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! So if anyone knows exactly the size or can pull their pulley and check I would be so thankful! Maybe it is 9/16 and my first collars (Ruland) were made wrong. I can tell unless I go buy calipers just for this. thnx Sled
  11. Plus it works great for drying out points on old cars. Been saved by it many times. PS the chart was great!! Sled
  12. Wd40 is like Duct Tape in a spray can. That might work. So many belie that is w lubricant and are wrong.
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