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  1. What type of things are you hope to make? Thickness of leather? Most standard sewing machines have very limited capabilities for sewing leather useIng heavier threads.
  2. Any tips on how to make a 90 degree corner like this? Thanks in advance. Kelly
  3. Are you oiling the leather prior to or after dyeing? Oil based dyes really take the oil out, especially on less quality leather. Adding oil/ conditioning back before you bend it and it cracks may help.
  4. Sorry may be using wrong terminology, but what mean by slicking is that I get my leather wet, usually by very quick dip, the apply a lather of dove soap and then take a glass slicker an with moderate force run it all over the front surface of the leather. This smooths out imperfections and compresses the leather prior to tooling. I don’t do this on all pieces, but really like what it does to softer belly and shoulder leather. You may get some stretch when you do this so best to do before final cuts. Really like how it tools after compared to loose spongy leather. I know one saddle maker that compresses all his leather with a press prior to tooling. This isn’t burnishing and not on the rough out. Kelly
  5. Sorry I skipped right to second pict. He did a great job, not just for a first knife. Great thing to get to work with our kids and teach them skill they can use for the rest of their lives, while sharing what we enjoy. How old is your son?
  6. If leather is really soft I will slick it prior to tooling. Helps compress it and tighten the grain. Kelly
  7. I guess first question is what are you sewing? I picked up a great Cowboy 3200 last year in that price range , LOVE it!!! Seas everything from thin chap leather thick skirting leather. Kelly
  8. Thanks I like that idea a lot! Kelly
  9. Follow your art! I like the colors you have done and would color the others similarly. Have fun no wrong answer!! Your choices are what will make it special.
  10. Lol, no just a wool pad. I hadn’t seen this before, but friend wanted me to make it as a gift.easy project and way to personalize a saddle pad. 2 challenges, open for suggestions. Hard to hold in place to start sewing, and 2) this pad ah a significant change in thickness mid upper corner. I have a Cowboy 3200 and almost exceeded it’s capacity. Kelly
  11. Gift for a friend. Other side. Go Cougs!!
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