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  1. farns005

    Western Computer Bag

    Thanks for the kind words! I enjoy projects like this when it is a gift for someone I care about.
  2. farns005

    New Leather Crafter

    Great project! Something he will treasure and experience he will remember.
  3. farns005

    Pancake buck110 sheath

    Really like the look! My only thing is that I prefer having the burr of rivets on back but this looks great!
  4. farns005

    Wallet 2 different leathers

    I agree with Rockboy really like the card slots.
  5. farns005

    Basic dice cup

    Vey nice, great project to practice some good sewing skills. Live and learn!
  6. farns005

    10 x 14 Decorative Plaque

    Very nice! I really like the colors you were able to get.
  7. farns005

    How do I keep antique from flaking off?

    Thanks never thought of shoe polish. Worry that it will color everything not just the highlights I’m looking for, will give it a try.
  8. farns005

    Western Computer Bag

    Thank you for the kind words. Here is a closer look at the front. Still not thrilled with scrolls and a few other details.
  9. farns005

    new skinner and sheath

    Very nice. Like the antler theme!
  10. farns005

    How do I keep antique from flaking off?

    Thanks I never thought about Lexol. Does it take off TanKote and antique?
  11. farns005

    How do I keep antique from flaking off?

    Thanks everyone. I knew I was using the antique to try and accomplish a look it wasn’t quite designed to do, but want highlight the barbwire. Any suggestions without having to paint each line and center? I tried using dye in each center on a practice piece but it bled into the wire. Thanks for all thoughts and suggestions. Kelly
  12. I made this belt as a shoulder strap for a computer bag. Herman Oak, oil, 1 coat TanKote, Fiebings Mahogany antique, 2 coats TanKote. When I folded/bent the belt the antique flaked out of the center of the wire as you can see in the buckle. Continued all up the belt. Any suggestions? I really liked the look and recognize it he antique was pretty thick in centers but hoped it would hold. Thank for any suggestions. Kelly
  13. farns005

    Western Computer Bag

    A computer bag I made recently. Open of criticism to help me continue to improve. Kelly
  14. farns005

    Chinks yokes

    Very nice!!!