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  1. yeah that was my thought as well, was just needing to actually find the part now ive got my patterns made up and a proof of concept made thanks for helping
  2. yeah i had figured it was proprietary to them as i could not find them i was just looking for something of a similar function not design ill look into single loop sliders again but i was not finding much with a hole for a screw or rivet. thanks for yalls help/ replies!
  3. im looking for a similar style belt slide to attach a strap to a holster. does anyone know what to search for or what the style is called? ive been looking all day with no luck.
  4. I took a picture of what it looks like if I wet it and gently rub a finger over the surface.. does anyone know what this coating is and or does?
  5. I did not know the best place to put this kind of topic so I'm putting it is in general discussion. My leather that I bought on sale just as something to practice with is brown and rough on one side and like beige or white and really smooth on the other side but if you wet it and or just rub on the backside like a coating comes off of it is this coating something I need to remove or is it fine or what is it please and thank you..
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