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  1. I donot think you need to get the compleet cover under the arm if you can fold the edge a little upwards you ca stitch it while you keep most of the cover in the vertical plane left from the arm (and turn it slowly round) but you need a free arm anyway (think i could do it with a adler 69 or a pfaff 335 Difficult to explain with words anyway what i should do is try to follow the stich with my machine (without sewing) just to see if i can make it most of the times you discover you can fold en turn the leather or otherstuf more than you thought regards michiel
  2. An alternative in the same price class could be the adler 220 its a flatbed but has triple transport. (And is as vintage as the 105-64) An affordable free arm machine with triple transport for heavy thread is difficult to find in europe …. regards, michiel
  3. For canvas an adler 67 , 167 or 267 will do (best with subclass 373)
  4. I made a “new” foot for a a machine with a rare seize by cutting off the upper part off a more standard foot and doing some welding and grinding (in my case i made a combination of the upper part from one foot and the lower part of another one) It did not look very appealing because i did not bother grinding of the weld but it worked perfect (I did not take a photo and do not have it here at the moment)
  5. It stil keeps me wondering…. Here is some one arguing sewing machines have theire orientation because of hand cranking (by right handed people), but since we have motors now, the normal machines are better for left handed people. in that way the left stand sewing machines might be made to enable (right handed) operators to use theire right hand to handle the leather better. (I think, as a right handed person i would prefer a left stand cilinderarm better than a normal one) (any way : i stil think operating the reverse handle is not that difficult that its the reason to mirror a sewing machine, it is what you do with both hands while sewing) https://www.andreaschewedesign.com/blog/left-handed-sewing-machines i also noted that they make post bed machines with the needle on the right side of the post (i thin’ they call it a leftpost sewing machine) in stead of the left side but never bothered making the complete post bed machine in mirror
  6. The original question keeps me wondering…. i hope someone finds an real source with the answer i looked in the old sewing machine books i have but nobody thought it necessary to explain apparently it was obvious Why they were made
  7. Is it possible that its just the photo which is Mirrored (by accident)?
  8. Hi Nick, i do have the same machine (and never found a service manual But timing this machine is like other sewing machines: you do not need to know an needle bar height you can do it by turning the wheel to raise the needle bar ca 2 mm from the most lower position than adjust the hook so that the hook meets the needle than adjust the needle bar height so that the hook point is in the middle of the scarf (the space above the needle hole) because it is an zig zag machine you need to pay a little extra attention because the hook is early on the left side of the zig zag and late on the right side You can time it with the zig zag off and the needle in the middle and after wards check with zig zag on the widest setting to see if it is timed well for both sides but what i sometimes do is time it on the left position in a way that the scarf is just above the needle hole hope this helps kind regards michiel
  9. It is an interesting question (i think in that days it was so obvious for the craftsman that nobody bothered to mention it) But if it was for the convenience of left handed workers i would think they would also make other sewing machines leftsided (but since the forced people to write right handed that times i do not think they would do so much effort to construct special versions of a sewing machine for them) Since the big brands do not sell them anymore (as far as i know) i think it has to do with the fact these machines mostly had no upper and needle feed: This is my experience: when i make denim trousers for my self i try to sew the left and right side the same way because the transport with only feed dogs is not optimal. i usualy start with the most critical part (the crotch for example or the upper part) so if the feeding of the two parts is not even you will not notice it too much when sewing the other side i turn the cloth so i still can start sewing from the same point on a flatbed with a mostly flat design that works fine. With a 3D object (and two parts which have not the same form) i am glad two have needle and upper feed so i can start sewing without losing length on the upper part … si i think its possible they made left and right versions because when making leather 3D objects it mattered where the started sewing … but these are just my two cents it would be interesting to have a left and right version of the same machine and do some trials (with left and right handed persons making leather trousers, jackets etc.)
  10. The bobin should not spin when the motor is engaged its only turning when the tread is pulled out by the sewing proces
  11. Thats what i also think: if you make the left and right shoe on the same machine the wont look the same because you sew them the otherway around
  12. One spring fits into the other the one outside is 220 00 0340 and measures 17 mm inside and 19 mm outside 220 00 4840 measures 13,8 and 16,4 mm (there are no part numbers on the springs of course but this is what the springs in my 220 mesure)
  13. I guess its too new for constabulary
  14. Try this one (or go to ebaykleinanzeigen and use the search button) Gerade bei #eBayKleinanzeigen gefunden. Wie findest du das? https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/industrie-naehmaschine-adler/2054171307-240-3038?utm_source=copyToPasteboard&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_medium=social&utm_content=app_ios
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