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  1. https://www.college-sewing.co.uk/167000670-bushing-durkopp-genuine.html
  2. Presser foot https://www.khsew.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=243&product_id=277
  3. Did you find a parts manual? https://www.college-sewing.co.uk/parts-books/durkopp-adler-parts-books.html de presser foot is probably not in it but you will find it online In my experience these are good machines Myself i would consider to-change it to a one needle version ( but its less work to install an extra tension unit and a presser foot)
  4. I think its a good buy. even if you have to replace the belt. i once bought one in the same condition (i think) replaced the belt, did all the adjustments by the book and have a great machine. (but i think: do not fix it when it’s not broken) kind regards Michiel
  5. Nice work, After i made my cams i figured out that by making them a little larger i could make my stitch with also wider. i bought a wider feed dog needle plate and foot from global (which fitted my older bernina) and was able to enlarge my stitch with From small to much wider
  6. Thinking about it: when you use thick leather a cilinder arm is great and there are not much advantages with a post bed. But for thin stuff a post bed is more versatile in my opinion. I think that’s why most members here are for cilinder arms (and they are right) It depends on the material and the design of your projects
  7. A postbed is great for top stitching bags I have cilinder arm and post bed machines , but when making bag’s I always use my postbed and hardly a cilinderarm
  8. I tried to 3- print them worked but i was not 100 % satisfied the Bernina favourite (household machine) shares the same hook and has the same cams inside I bought one for the hook and finally pulled the cams out: they are the same as the old bernina 217 cams the global has an other size cambox and cams i believe
  9. Nice machine! i looked last week for someone: college sewing sells extra wide feed dogs, needle plate and foot for this machine (just in case you want an extra wide zig zag and you do not already have them)
  10. With triple feed and needle feed machines very often the side “play” from the needlebar can be removed very easy see the picture the part my screwdriver is on should move a little bit to the needlebar assembly the screws are on the backside do not make it too tight ! (A litle bit of play is better for the machine)
  11. You will need a smaller pulley on your motor to slow down your machine….(in the title you mentioned a large one)
  12. When you remove the inner foot of a triple feed machine you wil have a needle feed machine. You will need an other type of outer foot (or roller foot as is in this kit) but to work good you need also an other set of feed dogs and needle plate its not clear for me if the sent you only the roller foot or also the other parts
  13. I usually use a small nail for that which I cut to size
  14. I would look for a service manual and follow al the steps to set it up in the right order (so not try only to solve one problem but go trough the manual step by step) by doing that you will and up with a well adjusted machine working like it was when it left the factory https://www.duerkopp-adler.com/fileadmin/dag/Media/Downloads/269/S_269.pdf
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