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  1. I have an old adler 68 which is a nice machine i have used to repair some shoes. (made it portable so i van use it at home) but they may be hard to find
  2. Michiel

    Adler 67gk373 Edge guide

    I use standard sewing machine guide's on my adlers (Same as are sold for domistic sewing machines)
  3. Michiel

    parts pfaff 145 and DA 67

    Tension assembly is not the same holes are at different distance but it was not verry dificult to install an pfaff assembly on my adler (it works but you can see its not original) regards, michiel
  4. Michiel

    twin needle domestic sewing machines

    That is why on an zigzag machine the hook is orientated the way it is (on the backside) : it needs to catch the topthread in both needle positions (left and right)
  5. Michiel

    twin needle domestic sewing machines

    The hook catches both threads on the top side you see two rows of an straight stitch But on the under side you get something that looks like an strange zigzag
  6. Also available with triple transport
  7. For an "U-shape "You need a post bed sewing machine
  8. Badem, i have sent you an pm (in dutch) The 167 has an larger bobin
  9. Does anybody know what the bed size a pfaff 145 has ? want to know if it will fit in an existing table i have..... thanks in advance regards, michiel
  10. Michiel

    Adler 220 Minimum needle size

    Just changed my adler 220 from system. 7x23 to system 328 so i can buy leather needles for is (they are almost the same length)
  11. Acording the advertiser its a 63 (not 73) than it should be bottum and needle feed. all the adlers i bought (that old) were not dificult to get sewing verry well. this machine is for sale for some months now because he was asking to much (in my opinion) (if i were you i would sent him an email and offer 100 euro) regards michiel
  12. Michiel

    Yet another question

    Last week i made a verry simple bag (a projectbag for my wife) and wanted some folded leather around it (to keep them open) i dohave some hemmers but they were nof big enough i did try to fold the leather with a steam iron and that did work out verry well in this case the leather was nof verry thick, i did use steam but did not make the leather complete wett and after it had the right form a waited about 15 minutes and than use sewed it (without glue) i donot know if this works with al kinds of leather but in this case it worked (i am not verry experienced with leatherwork)
  13. Check the timing of your machine (if you never did that: take a look on other posts and watch what happens in your machine....)