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  1. Here you find parts lists for the adler 120 https://www.duerkopp-adler.com/en/main/Support/downloads/index.html?action=search&prop0=%2Fcommons%2Fdownload%2Fpublic%2F120%2F&prop1=
  2. This looks like a fine machine for what you want to do
  3. The sewing machine on your picture has only one foot (so it has not “triple transport”)
  4. But that said that Adler 68FD62S looks like an nice machine and if the price is right you should be able to use it for some leather topstitching (but still are better of with an other machine for the rest of the work)
  5. I think Constabulary is right: start with an flatbed (triple transport) second machine for upholstry could be an postbed (for topstitching) but more likly a double needle with better transport have you seen this channel?
  6. Good to read you solved your problem there seems to exist moving bindersets for the adler 269 (which may fit on the 169 as well) but they are expensive anyway I will keep using my 69 for binding….
  7. Is the binder synchronised (with the needle and inner foot) or fixed?
  8. Looks nice how is the stitch length when stitching on a piece of card board or paper (and without thread)?
  9. I do have a parts list but its too big to post here for me if you sent me a pm i can mail it to you regards michiel
  10. An adler 98 wouldnot be my first choice for a binding machine (only has drop feed) I have never seen binder kits for this machine (and parts are expensive) but if the machine is working you always can add an standard edge binder
  11. Leaflet with specs: https://www.duerkopp-adler.com/commons/download/download-text-attachments/Vintage_Leaflets_Adler/Leaflet_Adler_class_98.pdf i have one bought it as a sailmakers machine but you also can zig zag leather pieces together
  12. Yes i did Some werk on it Here you find the service manual (which helped me with everything) https://www.duerkopp-adler.com/commons/download/download-text-attachments/Vintage_Manuals_Adler/Serviceanleitung_169_DE.pdf It is in german, there is also an english version on that site but that is from the singer 169 which is the same as de Adler 69 (yes that is strange) regards, michiel
  13. Hi georgi, As far as i know There are a lot of Adler 69 around and there are a lot of aftermarket parts avalible. the Adler 169 on the otter hand is rare and it hard to fine parts i have both machines but only use the 69 for binding. I would like to know Adler 269 binding kits fit Regards, Michiel
  14. Are the inner and Outer foot both rising not high enough? or is one doing it beter than the other ? btw: my interpretation of “ footlift “in the specifications is the Max distance between the machine bed and feet and not the movement of the feet While sewing (but That is how i read it) my adlers in that class have an footlift about 7 mm but i think the movement of the foot is also more like ca 4 mm regards Michiel
  15. In the picture its aan rollerfoot nut its the same procedure for an walking foot and the Gauche van be a piece of wood or something else with the right size Sorry, auto correct om my ipad only does dutch so changes everything
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