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  1. Thank you to all who have responded. You have given me good options to try. I still haven't decided but you have given me some choice to look into. thanks again.
  2. Hi folks, I need some help finding a good cutting surface. I have been eyeballing a Novalene block at Weaver leather supply but all the rating were by people using them for punching so I'm not sure if it is suitable for cutting. I saw mention in another thread about Induscousa.com. They make a hydroma cutting board that is reasonably priced but their website only has a phone number and I am not near a phone in the day time. I guess I am trying to find out if anyone has used these and if they fit my needs or if you have other options I would love to hear them. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. I myself have never worked with distressed bison, although I have it on my try soon list. That being said I would contact your supplier, send them the pictures and let them know that you find that totally unacceptable. They may tell you that the scars are part of the "character" of bison but in my opinion the holes make this particular cut a piece of trash. You payed good money for a good cut of leather and got garbage. I would definitely try to work out an exchange or refund. Let us know how it works out for you.
  4. That looks damn good. I have yet to try a retention screw on a holster but your placement of screw looks perfect.
  5. i think Olivia should be proud to wear that. Well done.
  6. I don't have the answers to your question, but wouldn't it be easier to buy bigger gloves?
  7. That is one beautiful bag. I love the steampunk/old timey look. Your friend should be very proud to have such a generous and talented friend.
  8. That is a great looking rig there. Very professionallooking
  9. I made myself a head knife that works okay. I used a grind similar to Chuck's and even when it's shaving sharp it seems like it takes a lot more effort than it should. Over on bladeforums.com there is a custom knife/leatherworker that goes by the screen name Horsewright. He makes and sells head knives that get rave reviews from his customers. He uses a full flat grind that goes all the way from the edge to the junction of the handle and body. I don't know if that steep of a grind is necessary but it makes them cut like a laser with almost no effort. (According to what I've read) '
  10. Looks to me like she is showing real talent. It's also great that the two of you can share a hobby together.
  11. I don't have an answer as to set up videos, but if every other Tandy tool I've ever seen is any indication the blade is probably nowhere near as sharp as it should be. I hope that is somewhat helpful to you.
  12. You have to admit that to most of the younger generation (several exceptions on this forum) it is so much "COOLER" to program a 3D printer to "craft" something. We as leather enthusiasts are responsible for bringing new practitioners into our craft. There are probably many youngsters who would love to learn, but have no one to teach them. We need to take it upon ourselves to mentor interested young people. As far as Tandy goes I avoid them unless they have something that nobody else stocks or has in stock. The best way to end Tandy's so called leadership in the marketplace is to take your money elsewhere. It didn't take but one order to convince me that I could buy better leather elsewhere for the same price.
  13. That looks very nice to me. I wonder if molding a little bit of detail wouldn't make a big difference in appearance.
  14. Love that sheath and judging by the things you've posted here you will do great in the competition.
  15. I will give you my highest compliment. That is very "clean" looking. Absolutely beautiful.
  16. As a fellow fly fishing fanatic and bamboo rod enthusiast all I can say is WOW. Absolutely beautiful work. I have thought about making a reel case but wasn't sure where to start as far as leather type and weight. I think you may have forced me to move this project to the top of my list.
  17. I don't know a lot about saddles but that looks fantastic to me. Super clean and very classy.
  18. Really nice, clean looking holster there. Again great looking holster.
  19. Hi folks, looking for a little help with my White Tiger thread. I have been using .8 mm Tiger thread for a while now and am super happy with the quality and ease of use. The only gripe I have is with the white. It seems to lose it's color and get kin of opaque when stitched in. It's not dye transfer as I've tried it on a pouch that I wasn't going to dye. It's not really a deal breaker but I wish it would stay whiter because I tend to use contrasting color thread on almost everything I do. Anyway I was wondering if this is just how tiger thread is or maybe there's another brand whose white stays white. Thanks in advance for any help.
  20. That is one fine looking sheath. It's great to see the difference.
  21. I have never made a gun belt myself. But I have been carrying concealed for almost 40 years and I don't think any stiffener is really required. I have a double layered Desantis belt that is probably 25 years old and is still as strong as the day I bought it. It carried a full sized 1911, 2 magazines, and a small flashlight for the first 22 years of it's life. Unless you have a customer request it I would not bother with stiffeners. Or you could offer it as an option.
  22. Quick question for you, when you have them for sale do you advertise them here on leatherworker? I ask because I would definitely be interested in buying one from you.
  23. That's a nice looking holster. I'm sure that will be a good seller for you.
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