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  1. goaninmumbai

    Hello from India

    Hi and welcome fellow leather hobbyist from Mumbai here, am more into leather tools and belt making, do IM me if you need anything from Mumbai related to leathercraft tools or raw leather etc to fuel ur passion.
  2. Hi, I am from India and can confirm this is the rubber based cement used in leather industries. I have used various brands of this stuff myself. It solvent based and kinda evaporates quickly.
  3. goaninmumbai

    Rectangular Hole Punch For Watch Straps

    PM me if interested in this kind of multi punch tools, however i am in Mumbai but can be shipped world over.
  4. goaninmumbai

    Beginner Looking for Tools in India

    Well zuludog is correct, like i have mentioned in another of my post i am from Mumbai and shared some pics of the leather working tools available in the markets almost ALL headknives and other cutting/skiving knives made here in mumbai are from used hacksaw blades or large used granite cutting blades.and fitted into wooden handles( see pics below) I have purchased a couple of head knives made from used files and granite cutting blades and also purchased some for other hobbyist and they work amazing and hold a edge well. Well i dont think it would be as good as the US and UK ones but for the price, we pay its definitely value for money ...so no complaints. And these are the same tool the leatherworkers in mumbai use to manufacture the leather goods exported to europe and USA Below are some pics of some of the tools available in the markets of mumbai. If anyone requires these or others pls PM me as i often get stuff from these markets including scrap leather. The thrid pic is of a clicker knife with different hacksaw blades ground in different edge profiles.
  5. goaninmumbai

    Indian Leather working Tools

    Hi Cavalier, Thanks, have PM you my contact number. Feel free to contact me and also if u need anything from around here i will be glad to help. Regards, Al
  6. Hello Everyone, I I have recently joined this awesome website( today) and usually used to visit occasionally and be in awe at the awesome tools shared on this website. Anyway here in India ( Mumbai) we have a very large leather export market and i usually visit these places to see their manufacturing techniques and tools used. Its kinda difficult to gain access to their manufacturing units but over the period have made some friends who show me around their workshops I was amazed at their skills with very basic tools. Most of the head knifes are made from used files and circular saw blades and work beautifully in cutting and hold an edge well. I also got to see the manufacturing of these head knives by local knife sharpeners ( sorry no pics this time) I thought of sharing pics of some of the headknives. I did not take pics specifically for posting but will take more pics next time i visit. Pls PM me if interested in headknives, punches, and other leather tools. This is not my business ( and neither intend to make it ) but thought of sharing as i hardly saw stuff from India on this fantastic site. The price range for head knives/ round knives is of 7-10$ and hole punches $1, the most interesting and which i picked up 4 for myself are the clicker knives for only 3$ each !!!!!! which is very cheap by Indian standards too. However, i must say these are not the rates all over Mumbai, as i was visiting the area engaged in exclusive leather manufacturing so the shops in the area are providing tools for the leather industry at very competitive rates and very functional. Let me know if anyone interested in buying any of below head knives or clicker knives or any other leather stuff and i can send you (i am doing this on non-profit basis).
  7. goaninmumbai

    Beginner Looking for Tools in India

    Hello Whitenoise, I think i can help you out on finding leather working tools, they wont be the entire range as available on tandys but they will definitely help you get started. PM me if still interested P.S I just joined this fantastic website so hence responding now.