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  1. Hello Grumpymann, Well the live cow is worshiped by a particular religion but the leather is available in specific places that have a large leather industry ( kanpur, chennai, mumbai, kolkatta) these cities being the major leather hubs in India for domestic as well as international leather exports, lots of leather exports from India is majorly cow leather
  2. Hi, Do let me know if the following fit your requirements ( of course consider with the leather backing as you wanted ), the first picture contains "swivel" clip design and the second Pic is of the type a strap passes thru.
  3. Hi Rylando, Do drop me a PM if the following type meet your requirements
  4. Hi All, A leather hobbyist based out of India (Mumbai) and gladly willing to help others from India looking for leather working tools or related hardware etc as leather working tools are very hard to find in India . I have been helping newbies in India get started into leather craft for past 3 years. I do not own a shop or a business just love the hobby and i do not charge any commissions, so do not expect quick turnarounds as i do this in spare time. However if you have urgent requirements for which you dont mind paying extra we can workout something. Do drop me a message if any requirements. Anything from thread to CNC machine cut makers marks can be arranged.
  5. Hi Bmerbilal.. not sure about stores in Doha but i can maybe send you stuff like tools and creams, polishes from Mumbai. Drop me a PM if interested
  6. I am based out of mumbai and i custom cast my brass buckles, If interested do drop me a PM.
  7. Hello Freebird, Maybe i can help, are these small bobbins of 5/8" in diameter and about 7/32" deep. Do you have the dimensions. I have access to lot of vintage sewing machine spares .However i am based out of Mumbai if thats fine with you. My email address is goaninmumbai@yahoo.com Kind Regards, Alvin
  8. Hi TKLC, I am based out of Mumbai and been a leather hobbyist (but a very active one) for last 5 years, maybe I can help you with tools and veg tan leather, have dropped you a PM.
  9. Hi and welcome fellow leather hobbyist from Mumbai here, am more into leather tools and belt making, do IM me if you need anything from Mumbai related to leathercraft tools or raw leather etc to fuel ur passion.
  10. Hi, I am from India and can confirm this is the rubber based cement used in leather industries. I have used various brands of this stuff myself. It solvent based and kinda evaporates quickly.
  11. PM me if interested in this kind of multi punch tools, however i am in Mumbai but can be shipped world over.
  12. Well zuludog is correct, like i have mentioned in another of my post i am from Mumbai and shared some pics of the leather working tools available in the markets almost ALL headknives and other cutting/skiving knives made here in mumbai are from used hacksaw blades or large used granite cutting blades.and fitted into wooden handles( see pics below) I have purchased a couple of head knives made from used files and granite cutting blades and also purchased some for other hobbyist and they work amazing and hold a edge well. Well i dont think it would be as good as the US and UK ones but for the price, we pay its definitely value for money ...so no complaints. And these are the same tool the leatherworkers in mumbai use to manufacture the leather goods exported to europe and USA Below are some pics of some of the tools available in the markets of mumbai. If anyone requires these or others pls PM me as i often get stuff from these markets including scrap leather. The thrid pic is of a clicker knife with different hacksaw blades ground in different edge profiles.
  13. Hi Cavalier, Thanks, have PM you my contact number. Feel free to contact me and also if u need anything from around here i will be glad to help. Regards, Al
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