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  1. sfchaney1

    Are custom stamps larger?

    Hey thanks a bunch! I think you answered my question fully. I have already learned from others that sharpening makes a huge difference when using things like a beveller especially my older craftools. I can't imagine what a difference a Professional custom tool will perform like! I think I'll start finding out now. Thank you!
  2. I started leatherwork this year after having a boxset from Tandy given to me 35 years ago for Christmas. I've learned a lot from this site and videos from the internet that helped a lot. I replaced the fenders on my saddle and decided I would tool them. Of course the rest of the saddle looks plain now, but who cares the horse and cattle don't. I only own Craftools from Tandy but after I watched a video of a saddle maker using his tools it appeared his background and camo tools were much larger. I realize they were custom made most likely, but am I correct that I probably did see much larger tools? Like many of you I already invested lots of cash in Tandy tools and the thought of ordering custom tools or should I say handmade worries me that I will order what I am not wanting. I've researched some different sites for ordering tools and still wasn't sure what I would be ordering. I realize the saddle maker was an expert and made it look easy to begin with. I just felt that I beat on my little background tool for days is why I even bring this issue up. I should mention I was recovering from two surgeries on my left arm and that was the hand I had to hold with. That alone has a lot to do with my question. Even now my hand goes numb but I have been told many people have that issue. I look forward to your advice and comments. Doug from Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.