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  1. Wyowind

    Guitar Case

    That is beautiful!!! Ya know... That looks like it would be a perfect fit for one of my guitars. So if you find it takes up too much room in your shop, you can just send it my way...
  2. Wyowind

    Spurs Strap

  3. Thanks for the link, Bikermutt! Very interesting site that I’m looking forward to digging into for some great knowledge... I really enjoyed the history section.
  4. Those are some beautiful pieces! I love that breast collar....
  5. I just got my 2018 Sheridan Leather Show booklet in the mail yesterday and was going to pull it apart to scan and post for those who may be interested in it but this morning I got an email with all the same info in it so am posting the link (much less work intensive) in case anyone is curious about the various classes offered... Here is the link: https://leathercraftersjournal.us17.list-manage.com/track/click?u=ae5a0d12ea239b274cd9235bc&id=2bc3d95308&e=c0f1dfe60e
  6. Here are a few photos of some stretching posts in case you are not familiar with them...
  7. Those yellowish slick spots probably indicate that there is still some epidermis on the hide that needs to be scraped off. In the photos it looked like maybe some thicker white spots that might be able to be scraped down as well. I don’t know how you fleshed/grained the hide but if you did it with a fleshing knife when it was wet, you might want to re-wet it and work to get that stuff off (but be careful not to slip and put holes in it - I’ve done that and pretty much ruined a hide). In the photo it looks like you’ve got it stretched in a frame so you might be able to dry scrape it. I’ve only used brains or lecithin to do hides so I’m not familiar with the commercial tanning formulas. As far as stretching, when you think you’ve got it stretched enough, it probably needs to be stretched some more (it’s a pain in the butt but a very important step) because it loosens up the fibers before you smoke it. You could grab some buddies and have a stretching/pulling party (as in photo) or you could set up a vertical stretching post and work the hide on that. A post is good for getting close to the edges... As ID45 said, deer hide is probably a little light/thin for a holster but that’s just our opinions... If you take any of my suggestions, be careful. You’ve done a lot of work on the hide so I wouldn’t want you to take a chance on ruining it, especially your first one.
  8. Wyowind

    New Boots

    Nice!! That leather on the lowers looks really soft and comfortable... Great job!
  9. Wyowind

    Tandy Business Pricing....

    The elite membership is free if you are military, public safety/first responder or military veteran...
  10. Wyowind

    SB Foot Leathers

    Mike, My side of SB arrived safely. I really like it, thanks! Now this is a side! As I was unrolling it, I didn't think it was ever going to end...
  11. You can also use liquid lecithin as a substitute but brains are the best to get a nice soft hide. I’ll second what you said about each critters brain being enough to tan it’s own hide...
  12. As for number 2, there is a forum under the forum title "specialty" that deals with making shoes, moccasins, boots, etc in case you haven't searched down that deep on the forum's main page (it's way down closer to the bottom). I'd love to be able to make my own shoes and am considering checking out the class by the guy up in OR (sorry, forgot his name) that does the non-last shoe classes... Opps! I didn't realize that is where you posted your original message
  13. Wyowind

    Tracing pattern for cross

    Google “simple cross images” and you’ll find a bunch of them. I just tired it... I mean, tried it.
  14. Love it! You sure are a talented guy...