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  1. I just got my new industrial walking foot machine. It's a New Tech GC-0303 which is a clone to the Juki DU-1181N. It came with a brushless servo motor with a separate control box. Out of the box the machine sews to fast for me at the lowest setting of the control box. I set it at "2" but when the petal is pressed the speed on the box says 500. So it's off by 300 rpm. When set to 10-15 or higher at lowest speed again 500 to fastest 1000-1500 or higher depending on what speed is set. I ordered a smaller 45mm wheel for the motor. Installed the smaller pulley with better slower speeds at the needle but the box still only goes to 500 even when speed is set at 2-4. Still not the stitch by stitch control I would like to have. So after looking at all the different variants of the SR2 speed reducer, Iand looking at $150-180 to my door, i decided to fabricate my own reducer. I did hours of internet research trying to find ideas for a simple inexpensive reducer. I decided to build my own and after collecting all the materials I got it built, installed and am very happy with the results. I now set my control box at 35 and sew as slow as I like and speed up to what ever speed I need, or can handle. Only a couple of things to mention, first I can no longer rock my machine back for access underneath. Also my needle positioning sensor no longer seems to work correctly. I have tried re adjusting it many times for both needle up and needle down positions with no luck. Thankfully it's no longer needed as I can easily control needle position with treadle. I would have loved to just have swapped out the motor pulley and hand wheel to achieve this option, however I dont think I would have achieved the same amount of needle torque. Sorry if my post is rather long. There isn't much good info out there about industrial walking foot machines and leather sewing in the mainstream internet. I suppose if I'd have found this site first last week my life may have been a bit easier.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for this discontinued leather stamp from Tandy Leather. I have found all the other ones that go with it however for some reason this one is hard to find. So if anyone out there has one that's either a spare or not needed I would love to buy it from you for a fair price plus shipping. I know that this entire series of leather stamps are being discontinued from Tandy but you wouldn't think that at this point this one stamp would be so rare and hard to find. So please feel free to chime in if you have one or know where I can acquire one of these stamps. Thanks in advance. Perry
  3. rchaven

    Leather cracks turned black.

    Hello, have you considered trying some oil based leather dye? pick a color of your choice and try it on a small spot out of the way and see if it works. Not sure if there is a protective finish on the over all furniture piece. Not sure what you could do otherwise. However when I was at the local leather store the other day they did have a product that said finish stripper on it. Not sure what it did. I'm sure if you have a local leather store they could give you some guidance. Also I'm sure someone else here on the forum could help. Also how about trying some good old saddle soap to clean the entire piece first. I hope these suggestions may help you. Good luck.