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  1. Hello, i have same problem with my new Cobra 26. Try to adjust pressure screw, but didn´t help a lot. Can I ask you where can i find wide outside foot, or a complete extra wide inside and outside set? Thank you a lot
  2. Hello, I bought my Cobra Class 26 3 week ago (NEW). It´s really nice machine, and I like it a lot. But I have problems with servo motor and controlling the sewing speed. When i set speed on for example 15. I cannot sew slowly. When I press foot pedal, just a little bit it, sews immediately fast. And when i set speed on 5, it sews slow, but sometime accelerates for few stitches (like on number 10), and than slow again. But my foot pedal is still. Maybe you have some suggestions what can i do? I tried a lot, but probably not everything. Thanks a lot and have a nice day
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