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  1. I'm thinking the 15 may be a clone? Doesn't look quite right to be a Singer based upon my research so far.
  2. After buying the first machine, I continued looking around to see if I could find what I came for. I did not, but literally buried in a booth I saw this 31-15 head peeking out. I unearthed it, and found it to be much larger and heavier than the first machine (wasn't familiar with the model) A quick internet search revealed it might be a good choice for leather sewing, and a quick search on eBay indicated it might be worth some decent money, so off I went to pay for it. $22 plus tax. It has an odd binding when turning the wheel...when sitting upright, the wheel will not turn through a full cycle. At first, I assumed something underneath was hitting the floor, but this did not seem to be the case because the bind continued when tilted free of the floor. However, when laid completely on it's side, the binding is gone and it will turn through a complete cycle. Any thoughts on what this might be? Same as above...haven't torn into it or started researching it, but would welcome any thoughts or observations of obvious issues or missing parts. Also, would this machine be a good candidate for actually adding a servo motor to? I'm assuming it would be much more capable than the other machine, as it's much heavier and significantly larger, but that's just an assumption. Thanks in advance for any advice on either machine. PS this one dates to 1910 if the online dating info is correct.
  3. Went to the local antique mall today looking for a Singer 27 or 127 to sew inlay material to knife sheath front panels, and perhaps other thin material projects such as wallets, etc. (probably by hand wheeling the machine, light thread.) I didn't find either of those machines, but went into a booth that was being worked on by its owners. They asked what I was looking for, and they pulled out this old beat up Singer that was missing parts, etc. I started to leave when the price started at $30, and was eventually lured back in when it dropped to $10. I believe this is a 15-90 but doesn't exactly match photos I've found online...can anyone help confirm this? Also, the serial number appears to start with a Z, but the online sources I checked for dating Singer's don't even have any listings for Z serial numbers? I haven't begun to tear into the machine yet or research missing parts, but if anyone wants to point out any problems or obvious missing parts, please feel free. It turns freely via the wheel, although sounds like it needs at a minimum a good oiling and/or greasing. What is the purpose of this style of presser foot, by the way?
  4. Yessir No sir, all the same. The differences in stitch appearance are before and after troubleshooting my machine with Tippmann, and the color differences are due to dyeing. I've always dyed at the very end in the leather work I've done up to this point...this time I was experimenting with dyeing in-process. Here is the finished product:
  5. Complete now. Going to test it out to see how it works, and then make a new one with any needed changes (and hopefully fewer mistakes!)
  6. Just need to put on some belt loops and the finishing touches; hopefully the next one will be a bit more refined. Thanks again very much for the help JLS!
  7. Its a Tippmann Aerostitch which I acquired in a state of,neglect. Of course, it seemed to work fine on a couple of short test runs before I bought it, and has run pretty well on practice scraps too, but chokes on real stuff. I'm diagnosing several leaks currently with the help of a Tippmann, and will likely be replacing a few parts. Would have loved to have gotten a nice electric machine, but can neither justify or afford one.
  8. Ok, thanks for the additional advice. That's extremely generous of you to offer to send some leather, but not at all necessary...I have more than you could shake a stick at already! This is for a government model 1911. This one is a test/prototype/learning experience full of mistakes and missteps, many of them related to trying to stitch it on my new-to-me malfunctioning sewing machine. Too many new operations attempted (first wrap around reinforcement, first exotic overlay, first time using sewing machine) on a single project, but I'm blundering ahead regardless ;-)
  9. Do you mean next time don't open it all the way flat? Yes, I could still sew the reinforcement if it was curved...guess I just did it that way not knowing any better (although I did wet it well before opening to try to reduce or eliminate wrinkles.)
  10. Thanks for the other link JLS! Something about your approach speaks to me for whatever reason, but maybe I"ll try that one next time to see the differences. I'm part way through with your method and finding this to be an interesting new challenge. I'm almost ready to stitch on the reinforcement panel, but my new-to-me sewing machine is giving me fits, so I'll either have to hand stitch it or wait until I get the machine going again.
  11. Thanks much for the video, Tom! It looks like he used the second method I tried, but I'm not sure how to locate and line everything up after the turn since at that point both foot and needle are off the work. There are several variations of the Aerostitch and unfortunately mine has neither reverse nor the needle positioning feature shown in the video. I need to call Tippmann anyway regarding several problems that I need to address, so I'll add this to my long list of questions.
  12. That is what gave me a missed last stitch and a 45 degree stitch line after the turn. Unless there's something wrong with it or I don't know how to work it properly, the Aerostitch is kind of an on or off affair...needle is either all the way up or all the way down. Same goes for the presser foot. Am I missing something?
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