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  1. I second the x-ray film. Very inexpensive on ebay and lasts forever.
  2. Hello all. I am wanting to try my hand at an ankle holster. Does anyone know where to get the rectangular ring that you pull the attachment stap through and fold back over itself and attach with velcro? I need one in black about 2.5 x .5 inches. Thanks
  3. Does anyone know of a dummy gun for the sig 232? Thanks
  4. Can anybody tell me the difference between the PPK and the PPK/S. Are they the same frame. Thanks
  5. I came across some nice leather that is 95% veg and 5% chome tanned. Does anybody know if that small amount of chrome tannage will affect the finish on a gun?
  6. I have had a lot of requests for a tuckable IWB holsters lately. I was wondering if there is a source for the kydex J-clips out there. Thanks, Brian
  7. Thanks guys, up and running good. Feeling like at kid at Christmas. Brian
  8. Hello, I finally gave up the needles and purchased a Weavers 441 clone named the master lockstitch. I am new to machines and am having trouble. They sent an instructional dvd that doesnt work and Im up against the clock. The trouble I am having is it appears the lock stitch is coming out on top rather than in the middle of the leather. Like I said I know next to nothing about machines and hope you understand what I mean. Thanks for any help, Brian
  9. It does have the pedals and crank to the right. It is all there and original. Sounds like more trouble than it is worth.
  10. I was offered a landis Model 1 machine by an old harness maker getting out of the business. It is complete and in good working order. I dont think it is the machine I need to sew holsters but was wondering what the value of a machine like this is and if there is a market to resell it.
  11. I have a buffing wheel on a grinder. Dress it with a little white buffing compound, buff each side of the round knife about 30 seconds and its good to go. I have used the same knife about 6 years now with no problems. Keep your hands and fingers behind your knife while cutting because it does bite like a %(&^% if you slip.
  12. Nothing beats a good round knife. Most are intimidated by it as I was at first. With pradtice it cuts thru even the heaviest saddle leather and tightest of corners like butter. Keeping it sharp on a buffing wheel only takes about a minute at the beginning of the day. Once mastered it is hard to go back to the utility knife.
  13. Hello all, I could use some advice from some of you pros. I have been making holsters and selling them on ebay for a few months. Im not getting rich but am getting great feedback and picking up business by word of mouth. A local gun shop owner got wind and asked me to bring over a few holsters. He is really excited and wants to carry my line of holsters in his store. He gave me a list of his top selling holsters and wants me to deliver about 50 holsters. Is it really worth it to make a production type line of holsters or just stick with the custom work? . Just wondering how many of you do production type work . Thank you all for any advice
  14. The Tauras Judge and ppk/s Please. Email on its way.
  15. You have to have a vendors license or an EIN.
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