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  1. falcon45

    Cow and Bison backpack

    Well done!
  2. falcon45

    messing around with tandy tools - Oh lots of 'em

    Fantastic thread.......thanks so much!
  3. falcon45

    Prosthetic Project

    Congrats to all. This post made my day!
  4. Fantastic work. Thanks for posting.
  5. falcon45

    A Cobra got me today!

    Good luck on your new journey!
  6. falcon45

    Naval Baldric

    Great job!!!
  7. falcon45

    I visited Baker's of Colyton

    Great post Matt S........thanks for taking us along!
  8. falcon45

    Tool and hardware storage.

    A very handy tip......thanks for posting!
  9. Now that is one fine looking sheath Sir!
  10. falcon45

    Passport Cover / Field Notes

    Thanks so much for this pattern!