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  1. I guess my suggestion would be to look at what is available for service after the sale. I would want to make sure I was saving a considerable amount if I was giving up service at the time of and after the sale. Not sure about the Adler and Juki but both the Cowboy and Cobra have dealers who are sponsors on here and have great reputations for helping with and after the sale. Todd
  2. Hildebrand

    When can you call yourself a craftsman?

    If this individual is putting out sub par work and using the title "craftsman" generally the problem will take care of itself as he will run out of customers for sub par work. If you are concerned he may be taking your customers just based on title I suspect if he is that will be short lived if his product is subpar, word will spread quickly. The longer I am on this earth the more I choose to concern myself with the things I can change and let the other stuff work itself out. Just my $.02. Todd
  3. I also just tried the Renia. I got an email from Montana Leather, they were running a special on both the contact cement and rubber cement. I ordered both and they seem great. The rubber cement is much stronger than the regular stuff I have been using and the contact cement was easy to use, odorless and grabs quickly and securely. Todd
  4. Looks great from here. Todd
  5. Hildebrand

    Help finding a machine/dealer?

    No offense but if 2 different dealers don’t want to do business with you maybe a look in the mirror is in order. Sometimes we as customers have unrealistic expectations of how we will be treated just because we are going to buy something from a dealer. I purchased from Bob and after several phone conversations with Bob and how he handled my multiple basic questions and requests I can’t imagine what was said that he asked you to take your business elsewhere. Todd
  6. Hildebrand

    Did Tandy drop their WC & Elite gimmicks?

    Hwinbermuda, I know what you are saying but at least the gift card is better than thanks for the donation the program no longer exists. I have had that happen to me also, not in leather but other facets of life. Also its not like I am never spending any more money with Tandy. Todd
  7. Hildebrand

    Did Tandy drop their WC & Elite gimmicks?

    Fredk they should I got a letter since I had purchased an elite membership I got a gift card for the full amount I paid. Todd
  8. Hildebrand

    Pancake buck110 sheath

    I too like the contrasting blue stitching. Looks great. Todd
  9. Hildebrand

    Help! Wet barry king tools

    Naval jelly should also cut the light rust and prevent further rust.
  10. Hildebrand

    Suggested tools for holster and belt making?

    Get a good overstitch wheel for spacing, no need for a round knife your utility knife with a sharp blade will do fine. Get a good strop to keep everything sharp. Jeff pretty much covered everything else.
  11. Hildebrand

    Sharpening a slot punch

    I recently received a slot punch but it is not anywhere near sharp. What do you guys use to sharpen punches like this? It seems to have a good bevel in place. ‘Thank you. Todd
  12. Hildebrand

    Cobra class 4 tension hell

    I dont know if you got this working or not but if the top is super tight, check the linkage for the presser foot. I noticed I had trouble a couple times and the thread coming along the top of the machine somehow go caught in the mechanism on the back just before the secondary tension. It makes the stitches get really short then the thread breaks. Todd
  13. Hildebrand

    storing leather hides

    My wife has embraced by hobby by encouraging wall cabinets initially to keep things in(read not clutter up her house) but we quickly realized laying the rolled up double shoulders on top was not working. We bought what is supposed to be a pantry cabinet. It has an upper and a lower section with a shelf in between. I stand the rolled up double shoulders( I haven't bought any sides and right now don't have plans to) on the shelf behind the top door and the lower door has 4 large drawers behind it which also work very well for more storage. Mine came from Menards but I would think most of the home improvement stores would have similar. Todd
  14. Hildebrand

    Looking for first Sewing Machine

    You won't necessarily produce a better product with a machine. You will get a more consistent product with much less effort and time involved. Todd
  15. Hildebrand

    Back holster

    Very Nice. I always like something new and different. Todd