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  1. Look for a spot in the thread path where the thread is getting caught. Each time I have had stitch length issues it was because the thread was catching somewhere, usually on the back side around the pressor foot lift mechanism. Todd
  2. For me it was when I got more serious about different kinds of holsters. With a machine I can do the sewing in 5 minutes or less and since this is just a hobby I have enough time to experiment. I am pretty sure with how long it takes me to hand sew I would not make any to just try something. Also I know within the leather world we all have an idea where we stand on hand vs machine sewn but in reality I don't think anyone buying leather products knows the difference and if they do they don't care. Some of them actually prefer the machine stitch since it usually appears more uniform. Todd
  3. With a $1000 budget your best bet is to look for a used Tippmann Boss. They are not perfect buy you can make them sew and once tuned in do pretty well. Electric machines to sew that kind of thickness even used are going to be significantly more than $1000. Todd
  4. Also moistue content makes a big difference. A few weeks ago I was working on a holster and I had gotten it wet to do something then before it dried out I started sewing, boy were the mark deep on that one. Instant dog chew toy. Todd
  5. I have a plastic taper template set from I think Black River. There are 2 different tapers depending on the width of the belt but the length of the tip and buckle end stay the same for the template, I have not compared the templates to see if the one for wider belts has a longer tip length. I can when I get home tonight if you would like. Todd
  6. I usually just use a stain applicator to wet the leather. I tend to get it pretty wet then let it come back to natural color then tool. I have only used the overnight in plastic method for wet forming and I have since found that just getting it soaking wet and letting it dry slightly works fine for that as well. I have been watching a lot Don Gonzales videos lately and have started using tape on my tooling projects, he has a lot of good information on tooling. Todd
  7. I can't recall the author but there is a utube video of how to break down a side for the least waste. If I recall correctly the author cut off the butt portion so that the remaining portion was the correct length for belts, he referenced the same thing you are talking about in that if you strip it the full length you end up with a bunch of short straps after you cut to belt length. Todd
  8. No tension expert here but it sounds like you need more top tension. 138 is smaller than 207 so it will not have as much resistance at the current settings. I would leave the bottom the way it is and adjust the top, if you end up needing more then you can adjust the bottom to be slightly less tension. Todd
  9. If you can order it with a regular door instead of the double doors they usually put on the front of those it will seal much better. As to sealing it I would get a spray foam insulation kit and spray foam all of the walls and ceiling prior to any other insulation or interior drywall or paneling. That will go a long ways to keeping drafts as well as critters out. Todd
  10. I have no experience with rifle slings but I would definitely plan for it to be 2 pieces. Getting a piece of leather 72" is going to be tough, getting a quality piece 72" will be nearly impossible. Todd
  11. I use a 4-5 oz or 5-6 oz doubled for holsters. This makes a 8-10 or 10-12 oz holster. They are really firm and I have no issues with the tops collapsing back in when you unholster a gun, these are OWB only. I have not tried and IWB I don't think they would collapse even with the belt going over it. Like @Frodo said its your holster so you can do what you want. I like the lined holsters as there is no visible flesh side of the leather and there is some discussion that the flesh side may trap dirt and grit off the gun and possibly scratch it as it is pulled in and out. Guys that I have made holsters for have never seen the lined version and seem to really like that idea. Todd
  12. Without seeing pictures everything is just a guess but even for a seasoned leather worker it would be difficult to add a liner and sew it in. Since it is well seasoned you would probably run into issues getting the glue to stick to the existing belt even with contact cement plus using the old holes to sew would be difficult at best. Best advice I can offer is if it is a keepsake then put away and only wear it on special occasions and get a new belt for everyday wear. Todd
  13. The latest holster. Made for a friend. Herman oak 3-5 oz lined. Dark brown Fiebings die. Comments and critics welcome. Todd
  14. Texas Custom Dies. I ordered a slot punch from then not long ago and it showed up when they said it would the size I asked for and sharp. All you can ask for plus they are a advertiser on this site. Todd
  15. Very nice, its always nice to give a handmade gift in appreciation. Todd
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