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  1. Hildebrand

    Makers stamps, who’s the best?

    I got mine from Phillipsengraving.com very fast turnaround and very happy with the stamp. Todd
  2. Hildebrand

    Walther PPS M2 Pancake Holster

    For the belt slots I have the wooden burnisher the fits a dremel tool, I got it on amazon for just a few bucks. It is pointed and you can work it down into the slots after you edge them. I am like Plinkercases I don't set the outside stitch lines until everything is sanded and lined up. I have a few where I thought it was "close enough" to sew and ended up with stitch lines on the back that were way closer to the edge than intended. Todd
  3. Hildebrand

    Walther PPS M2 Pancake Holster

    I think it looks really good for a first. My first I couldn't get the gun in to mold. Only changes I would consider are moving the stitch line in a little from the edges, you don't give yourself much room for error there and edge and burnish the belt slots. Todd
  4. Hildebrand

    machine - belt or bench sander edges?

    I use a belt sander like the one pictured, mines not Harbor Freight but the same machine. It works great for getting all of the edges even on holsters but it does leave the edges slightly rough. Still much easier to finish by hand than to even them up by hand. I tried that this winter when it was below zero and I didn't want to walk out to the shop to use the sander. Word to the wise the belt sanders are very messy to use, I don't recommend using them in the house. I tried it and immediately realized the mess created was not worth the short walk to the shop. Todd
  5. Hildebrand

    Knife Sheath Template

    Make sure the wider tip will slide through the main portion of the sheath. Definitely use a welt, other than that it looks good. Todd
  6. Hildebrand

    New Tandy Pricing Rollout

    Thought I would throw my .02 on this. I received a letter from Tandy stating the new price roll out and I could pick up a gift card to refund my membership price or I could call and they would mail it to me. I called earlier today and what a circus. The lady on the phone tried everything to tell me I wasn't eligible for the gift card. Finally after the 3rd time I told her they sent me the letter I didn't just call out of the blue she said she would send the card and "not argue" with me, after she had argued for 10 minutes. I live 2 hours from the nearest Tandy and 6 hours from the nearest good Tandy. I am only 3 hours from the leather store in Billings, MT I think my trips are going to be that direction from now on. Really looking forward to the show in Sheridan in a couple weeks. Todd
  7. Here is a picture of the ones I use from Home Depot. Todd
  8. This is my first try at an IWB holster. Thank you to JLS leather for the pattern, this is a Kimber Micro in his Springfield Micro pattern. If I make it again for this gun I need to sweep the top of the front and back down a shade to completely clear the magazine release and squeeze the stitch line in at the very top a touch. I have a few issues with the sewing, I am starting to get on the same page as my CB 4500 but sometimes I still end up with a stitch where I didn't intend for it to land. Same with the presser foot marks. Any critiques or pointers welcome. Todd
  9. The problem here is you have to have your snap location exactly where you want it before you glue the liner in. I just use a plastic screw head insert from the cabinet screw section of the big box hardware stores.
  10. Hildebrand

    Help with Tippmann Boss Stitcher

    Not local but spent 3 years with a Boss. What kind of issues are you having? Todd
  11. Hildebrand

    Buckleguy.com ... and shipping

    I just had the same thing happen with Strapworks. I needed some 3" plastic slides and they were the only ones that had them, it cost $7.50 for the slides and $8.00 for postage. Like above I just ordered more to drop the per item postage a bit. Todd
  12. Hildebrand

    Getting tools in Australia?!?

    I am going to offer a different perspective. As stated above you really don't know yet if the cheaper tools won't get the job done for you. My personal opinion is there is a small percentage of people who tool leather that will actually notice the difference in the tools or people will notice a difference in the quality of their work based on the tools used. I would buy the cheaper tools learn the craft then decide if a more expensive tool will make the project better or would the money be better spent on additional tools, for me its been the money is better spent on more tools so I can accomplish more things. Maybe at some point in the future my carving/stamping skills will reach a level that the tool matters but not yet. Todd
  13. Hildebrand

    Sewing Machine Reviews

    I have watched a ton of utube videos and they are really hit and miss for leather. Stock and Barrel has some good ones but also some real clunkers. The sewing machine "review" videos I have came across are pretty lame no matter who the star is. I second reading the various threads here, if a machine is good you will see it and if it is not good you will see it. Todd
  14. Hildebrand

    bullet loop weight

    Just worked on 3 tonight. I use 4-5 oz for the loops. Todd
  15. Hildebrand

    Hello from wunerful Wyoming

    Looks good. What part of WY are you in? Welcome to the forum, there is a ton of great information here. Todd