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  1. Merry Christmas everyone, I am northeast of Chuck, we are at -16 after an overnight low of -30. Todd
  2. I am very interested in something like this. Do you have any plans to produce and sell these? Thank you, Todd
  3. Nice work Chuck, I like the outside the box thinking on the sheath and beautiful knife. Todd
  4. Meandering or serpentine stamp. I’m still working on the double bead part. Thank you for the kind words. Todd
  5. This is the most recent holster off of my bench. I wanted a cross draw holster for a 5" Ruger Redhawk, this is what I came up with. I also have been working on a prototype sling for single shot pistols(TC Contender, XP 100, etc). Todd
  6. @tsunkasapa what weight are the poly mallets you are using.
  7. I was just wondering what weight of poly maul everyone is using to stamp with? I have the Tandy rawhide mallet but I think especially for basketstamping I would like something heavier. I usually have to hit the stamp more than once even with the leather cased well. Thank you, Todd
  8. @Frodo it could be the compass but I think it is more likely that as you were going around one of the pieces you were not able to keep the compass perfectly perpendicular to the edge. As you travel along the leather if one leg gets ahead of the other it changes the actual distance between them, this is particularly tough on corners. This might save you buying an expensive tool that might not change the outcome. Todd
  9. @chrisashits very common over here for people to put their name on their belt especially people in the western culture. I made belts for my 2 and 5 year old granddaughters and put their names on them. I realize your post is in jest but when poking fun of others it really plays better if you don't have grammar mistakes in your post( their-ownership vs there-location). Todd
  10. @Rahereyou are right and we cannot control the eb and flow of a waistline. But, I tell people when I make a belt for them, especially if it has a name on it, that it is designed so that everything is centered when worn in the center hole with the same buckle it was measured with. I make sure to either do the measurement on the person or they take a picture of their existing belt with a tape next to it, I do not do a call in order that they have measured themselves, to many horror stories on this board and others Todd.
  11. The big reason I line holsters and belts is the added stiffness it adds. If you have the same weight leather, 16 oz for example for a belt, a combination of 2- 8 oz pieces or a 12 and 4 oz piece will be noticeably stiffer, when glued and stitched together, than a piece of 16 oz leather. For holsters I also like to line them since it makes the inside smooth too. Todd
  12. @Loudcherokeefor all practical purposes yes. Best thing to do is look and which dealer is closest to you to save on shipping. All 3 dealers have a presence on this forum and are very helpful. I bought my CB 4500 from Bob and the deal was extremely smooth. Todd
  13. @Oxbo at that age kids are very busy with school and other activities, sometimes it takes a while for them the realize what it is they want to do. Its a great looking shop and logo. Todd
  14. In the year you have yours, how often have you used it? One or two threads? well with responses like that I wish you well. Frankly if I had only used it to burn "one or two threads" I would not have posted since I would not have had a valid sample size. I won't waste any more of your or my time. Todd
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