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  1. That's a decent deal, you should probably pick those up. I'm getting 2-3 emails a day on those pricking irons! I'm not desperate to sell them. And I'm not going to sell them for pennies on the dollar. I'm already offering these for $100 less than buying new sets.
  2. Sorry, I can't go that low. These sets are close to $200 from Crimson Hides.
  3. Adding a Barry King 24oz. taper maul to the sale for $45 shipped. It is in used, but not abused condition. Also adding a handmade awl with either an ebony or African Blackwood handle. I can't remember which. $20 shipped.
  4. Scaling back my involvement in this hobby. The below are some items for sale. All items are in excellent condition and were purchased new by me. Willing to negotiate on price. All prices are shipped in the US. 1) Crimson Hides 3.85mm Japanese style 3 piece set (2,5,9) $150. 2) Crimson Hides 3.0mm Japanese style 3 piece set (2,5,9) $150. 3) Chartermade Trim Knife $180. 4) Tina Knife w/ HSS blade. Super sharp. $50
  5. VB creaser and bone folder are sold. Brass folder is still available.
  6. Hello, Selling a like new Vergez Blanchard adjustable creaser. Also selling a brass folder and a bone folder. Asking $50 for the adjustable creaser, $12 for the brass folder and $7 for the bone folder. Prices include shipping within the US. Thanks!
  7. Yes, the knife is still for sale. Rocky Mountain Leather no longer sell this knife for the blades for it. They may be available else where though. You'll have to do a search. The L'Indispensable blades might fit it. Chartermade blade does fit it though.
  8. Open to trading for a Blanchard L'Indispensable.
  9. Selling a Tina 1218/6 knife. Similar in concept to the Blanchard L'Indispensable. The body is brass and it comes with the Tina HSS blade. Didn't use it much. The blade is still razor sharp. I bough this new from Rocky Mountain Leather Supply, which no longer sells these, for about $75. Asking $50 shipped within the U.S. Willing to negotiate on price.
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