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  1. I like it. It turned out very nice and I bet she was thrilled with it.
  2. It worked out really well. I have some lifters but still need to practice with them. I also have 935 so I'll try that too. If I can do 1/4 as well as you did I'd be super pleased.
  3. VYO

    New to forum

    Welcome to LW. It's a great place to learn and share.
  4. Nothing super fantastic, more machine practice. This is a lined double zippered pocket coin pouch. It's a bit of a pain at the top edges where the zipper starts and ends so I'm working on other ideas to get a more finished look in those places. It also needs some leather attached to the pulls. Measures 5 inches by 3 1/4 inches.
  5. Super fantastic! Love the artwork and the colors.
  6. VYO

    Tandy Craftaids

    Received those I ordered today. Thank you!
  7. VYO

    place mat

    Very nice work!
  8. That is a very nice beautiful bag. Good work on all the stitching. The handles are awesome as is the rest of it.
  9. Not this customer. After doing some different style prototypes for him he wants a long one in a similar style (long, oval, removable without having to remove his belt) to what you mentioned. I got the hardware for it yesterday so I'll be building it today.
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