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  1. I'm alittle late on posting my PIF from rdb, but that job thing kept getting in the way. I received an excellent tooled pad with three perfect techniques for me to try. He has some great staining styles. It is bordered with arrowhead stamping that he has displayed on his excellent belt tutorial (which I am going to try). He says the leaf carving is free handed. Makes me realize I have work to do. I am using it as my mousepad for eternal inspiration. Thanks rdb for a really nice piece of work. Hope this pix thing works.



  2. Boots good to see your still kickin...Can't give you any help as I am still sewin by hand .Ido hope to change that soon though,Take care and thanks again for that PIF.

    Good to hear from you as well. Hope the girls still enjoy them. This weekend I hope to show mine from rdb. Some really good work. Take care my friend.

  3. I have a Singer 29K60 that needs alot of parts. Anyone know where I can get parts or a contact about having it rebuilt. I really would like to rebuild it myself, since I used to make a living servicing heavy fab equipment. Challenges can be fun.

  4. Sorry all,

    I guess I have the problem of figuring out this upload of pix thing.

    Welcome to the Board, Jim!

    I missed the pix of your cellphone case..I'll have to hunt and peck for them later. I just finished up your PIF, I'll be mailing it out tomorrow. Better late than never!

    Considering these modern times, it should be very useful...that's all the hint you get...lol

    Do not worry about the time. Quality takes time and patience brings quality. I wish I could figure out how to download pix. But alas, I will avail.

  5. Jim rhall here ,I want to thank You for those great cell phone holsters. my Grand Daughters are so proud of them,only one problem though,My daughter's favorite color is pink ,so she is drooling over the one Amber got!LOL That was a fine PIF Gift and there is nothing like them in NC! I took photo's of them but do to my computer ignorance could not seem to get them on the foram.I am so pathetic on this thing!I hope we can keep in touch andit's great to here from you.The girls said they can sell some if you would like them to handle your North Carolina Franchise!!

    Here Robert,

    I will try to help with the pix. Hope this works. Tell your girls thanks, and if they want I will see how I can help them. I have spent alot of time helping FFA and Youth Rodeo groups and really enjoy seeing young folks grow into entrapenuaral individuals.

  6. I have been in stealth mode long enough. This forum is just what the doctor ordered. I am really impressed with the talent I have seen here.

    My name is Jim. I live in the Great State of Texas on the Gulf Coast. My careers include being a past small buissness owner, farrier, aviation mechanic, and presently work in the oil, gas and chemical inspection industry. Leather has been an ongoing interest for years. Only in the past year or so I have been pursuing the passion. I really like the holsters, belts, and sadlles I seen here and have found alot of inspiration from the members of this forum. Alot to learn, but alot of fun. (Carving right now is my nemisis). Thank you Leatherworks for this opportunity.

  7. Hey gang ,I just got home and a package was here from Jim Boots ..The coolest set of cell phone holsters i've ever seen! I mean real miniture holsters to hold cell phones!! What agreat idea.I am going to send them to my Grand Daugters aged !5.5 & 13 yrs.I bet there will not be any like them anywhere around Camp Lajune NC.Their Dad's deployed in Afganastan ,teaching field wound care to the friendlies.I try to give them a little extra care during these deployements.Thanks Jim these are Just great! I took pictures of them But am still trying to figure out how to post them!I am such alooser when it comes to these things.Thanks again everyone.My PIF is almost completed so hang on Joe it's comin!

    Thanks Robert. After looking at everyone else's work I kind of felt alittle wimpy. But that's why I joined this forum, so I can learn and broaden my horizens with Real Leather Eagles like you and many others. Hope your girls enjoy them and give them a "God Bless" from me to their father for his service to a Great Country!

    Jim Boots

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