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  1. Really beautiful pieces. I love the studded belt and holster set.
  2. Here's a piece I just finished up. I'm still a bit rough around the edges
  3. You've got some high level finishing skills Tim. Beautiful work. Might I ask what kind of dye you're using on the edges under the stitching?
  4. Great setup. Perhaps in another lifetime I'll have a work area that organized.
  5. I can't be sure from the photo, but it looks like your stitches are fuzzy. Are you using waxed thread? The inside or flesh side can be made smooth using some gum tragacanth and slicker. I'd recommend trying to slick the inside if you find your projects starting to flake or get too ragged. If you end up with a really ragged piece you can also trim the flesh side and use sandpaper on it before slicking it.
  6. I wasn't aware that they existed, but thanks for the heads up. It's all relative, I used to think Pueblo was south.
  7. Thanks, I agree 100%. I had misplaced my single hole punch so I was stuck with a 3 prong as my smallest for this project. The stitching is off in a few other places as well.
  8. Thanks, I'm planning on sticking around this time. I going to try to focus on lower volume complex projects.
  9. Hi all, Here's a look at my first leather project in about 10 years, thought I'd share. I'm calling this a prototype due to it being pretty rough around the edges.
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