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  1. Hi All, We received a large shipment of miscellaneous Italian veg tanned leather. In this shipment we got a large quantity of natural colour veg tanned nubuck shoulder in 2.4/2.8mm 6/7oz thickness. These are nicely trimmed shoulders and are very clean but as they are shoulders there is some shoulder wrinkles but they are quite light. Typical size is 12-16sqft (all are marked and measured in Sqm) dimensions approx 50” wide x 40-45” deep Pricing is USD4.00 per sqft plus shipping (we will advise shipping for specific destination) but for USA likely to be around USD50 for 1 shoulder. If interested send us a message.
  2. If it’s a very fine chequering then most likely it is caused by the mesh screen from a vacuum dryer.
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