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  1. Hi guys, Do any of you have any experience on using linocut printing techniques on leatehr? I was wondering if I could use it on certain pieces where is want a larger logo, instead of imprinting with a brass stamp. If so, what inks do you use? any advice and limitations? Cheers, Alisdair
  2. Honestly, for the design that you've shown, I would have used the slightly flaky leather. Firstly, the flesh side is at least partially hidden, secondly, the compression from bending it into shape should keep the fuzz under control. I'm judging this from your photo...maybe in hand, the situation is slightly worse!
  3. Alisdair


    Beautiful... I'm currently getting into plaiting, but have a long way to go still to get to that level. Is that kangaroo, or some other leather?
  4. The Osborne fid definitely feels much better!
  5. Ron Edwards' books on Australian Leathercraft and Bushcraft are great: he describes how to make braided stockmans belts.
  6. It's not overly complicated, but time consuming... Took me a good 2 hours per tool.
  7. Hi Guys, here's my first attempt at braiding over a core. I did this just to learn the technique...the underlying handles were perfectly OK. The bigger one is a rounded chisel I use to cut corners, the second s a modelling spoon. 8 strands in both cases. The bigger one was relatively straightforward, once I'd worked out how to start. The smaller one, done with 3mm kangaroo was incredibly fiddly for my big paws!
  8. Exactly: trying to whack through several layers at once if you're going through more than 3.5 mm or so is a sure way to misalign holes, break your chisel, and all sorts of other disasters...
  9. I gave up on any of the traditional glue spreaders used in leathercraft when I discovered how brilliant oil painting palette knives are: they're like a small, flexible trowel: you can get very precise or very wide application. And they're easy to clean.
  10. I'd be super interested: I love playing around with different historical finishes...but like YinTx, I'd be interested in knowing some of your experiences.
  11. Hi guys, I'm looking for a few square feet of highland cow hide (with hair on) to make a sporran for a customer...I've seen there are a few places that sell whole hides, but I'm not looking for that much...any of you have knowledge of a decent source?
  12. Interesting. I don't know how it's made, but my intuition says that by slowly rolling leather over a drum, you could get enough of on angle for a scanning laser to make the oblique cuts...
  13. ...I'd like too grab a bucket of popcorn and sit back to watch and laugh as this trade war unfolds. Unfortunately, these things have consequences, lives and livelihoods are at stake: things that are beyond the comprehension of the people doing the sabre rattling (on both sides).
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