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  1. Alisdair

    Hair-On Deer Hide Suggestions

    How about using it for some fringing...?
  2. Alisdair

    Laser cut snake print leather?

    Interesting. I don't know how it's made, but my intuition says that by slowly rolling leather over a drum, you could get enough of on angle for a scanning laser to make the oblique cuts...
  3. ...I'd like too grab a bucket of popcorn and sit back to watch and laugh as this trade war unfolds. Unfortunately, these things have consequences, lives and livelihoods are at stake: things that are beyond the comprehension of the people doing the sabre rattling (on both sides).
  4. Alisdair

    New toys - brogueing punch

    Hi Guys, Last week, I was very excited to receive a brogueing punch I had ordered over the Russian Livemaster site: My Russian is almost non-existant, so it was nice to be able to exchange with Alex in English. Honestly, I'm very happy with the quality: the steel seems very good. The price is way better than similar models I've seen elsewhere. Anyway, here a few picks (my stitching's wonky, not particularly flattering) of my first attempts at making something with the punches.
  5. Alisdair


    Nice job congratulations! Sporran making is my speciality, so it's nice to see I'm not alone on this forum!
  6. Alisdair

    Bargain Round Knife

    His Quarter-moon round knife is one of my go-to knives. I had to do the polishing myself...but it now holds an edge like no other!
  7. Alisdair

    Edge finishing Kudu

    Is it veg-tanned or chrome-tanned? What sort of thickness?
  8. When I do dye jobs or airgun application of resolene, I spread trash bags on the table. I then let them dry...and then use them as...trash bags!
  9. 100% agreed on this: if I had to choose only one knife, I'd keep my Japanese leather knife. It's easy to sharpen and maintain, very precise, can skive well ...all in all, incredible value for money.
  10. Alisdair

    Decorative stitching in silk thread

    I've never used silk, but I sometimes do some "fancy stitching" using different colours or stitches. Others also do appliqué patterns. Essentially, a lot of the basic techniques for fancy stitching are the same as for embroidery. On my pinterest board, I have some examples of the stitching I use.
  11. The Swiss army leather goods are incredible quality. We see them on the markets all the time here in Geneva. I recently purchased a Swiss Army Saddler's clamp for 50 bucks...I haven't yet received it, but it looks pretty decent.
  12. I use a mixture of flaxseed/linseed oil + beeswax + turpentine.
  13. Alisdair

    New Year's Resolution

    Mine should be to stop buying tools, but I know that's not going to happen!
  14. Alisdair

    Thread getting dirty, how to avoid?

    First things first: how do you thread your needle? I'm assuming you double back and push the needle twice through the thread, so it doesn't unravel. I leave a couple of inches between the eye of the needle and the knot, rather than putting the knot just behind the eye of the needle: this couple of inches of doubled thread usually picks up all the gunk and leaves the hole clean for the single thread which comes after it. Secondly, I don't like using wax, which picks up more gunk: I use coad (a mixture of pine resin and beeswax).
  15. Alisdair

    best punching board for leather

    Punching into endgrain is definitely the best. I have a 80cm-long section of tree trunk that I stand upright between my knees, so I'm punching into the endgrain. Works like a charm.