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  1. Thanks rob, sure I can make it very easy to me. Here is a compiled image of my work when it comes to design, I am a guru.
  2. Thank you Rockoboy, indeed I am looking to dye the cartridge loop same colour. I am still searching for affordable tool to make full round leather lace but can’t seems to find one. Have any ideas ? Cheers, SAM76
  3. Thank you Brownie it’s my pleasure to do your son’s rifle, which rifle you wanna work on ? I still have more creative ways using leather laces in the future. I have another thread showing different project for savage Mark II F .22 LR take some time to view it and let me know what you think. The only thing that I am still search for is how to make a round leather lace, can’t seems to find a reasonable priced tool to buy so I can make them, if you have any idea share it. Thanks for your input cheers, SAM76
  4. Thank you rockoboy for your input and proposal, indeed I am planing to dye it very soon, I was planing to add two star conchos at the two ends of the cartridge loop but I found that it will overlap the decoration fram so I have left it plan . About the stitch, I stitched it by hand one stitch at the time so yes it did take me a while to do. Here is another pic of the other side of the project. Cheers, SAM76
  5. Solidworks 3D is the best app so far but it’s an advanced program
  6. Final project pictures for my Browning X-Bolt SS Stalker 30-06 rifle hope you like it. Cheers
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