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  1. Looks like a nice design. I will need one for my Juki LS-1341.
  2. We use this Hakko Soldering Station. Set the temp to 700 degrees and it never overheats. You can get many different tips to suit your needs. I already had it for soldering wires so it has a dual use now. It heats up in about 20 seconds. https://www.amazon.com/Hakko-FX888D-23BY-Digital-Soldering-Station/dp/B00ANZRT4M/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=soldering+station&qid=1610845697&sr=8-8
  3. Patent Elastic patcher. Probably from around late 1890's. It sews great, nothing broken.
  4. Hi Don, No I bought it in Fresno around the middle of August. I live in Grants Pass, Oregon but I used to live in Fresno. I had a friend pick it up for me and hold it until I went down to visit family a month later. The Adler is almost like new. The Singer was in Concrete, Washington in an open barn. If I know I will be visiting an area in the future, I look at the ads in that area and try to make the trip pay for itself. My wife has family in central California and likes to visit her mom regularly so it works out for both of us. We have a travel trailer (toy hauler) and can park it at my wife's family farm and stay about a week when we go.
  5. @MikeRock, it is an interesting photo. Did you notice the sea turtle shells on the wall?
  6. Here is one for sale in St Louis. Singer 29K51. $500 https://stlouis.craigslist.org/for/d/girard-antique-singer-sewing-machine/7242575473.html
  7. I am posting photos of two patchers I aquired in the last couple months. I paid the $200 asking price for the Adler 30-15. It is a short arm, small bobbin patcher that is in excellent shape. Cleaned up and oiled is sews just fine. It did not come with a stand. The other machine is a Singer 29-72, long arm, large bobbin. They were asking $100, but I paid them $200. I haven't done anything to it yet. It came on a Sutton motorized stand. It will need a little de-rusting but I think it will be the patcher I keep. I had to drive about 500 miles south to get the Adler and about 500 miles north to get the Singer. My point in posting this here is to show that there are better deals out there if you look for them. I would rather take a little mini vacation and see the sights when buying a good machine than spend more time trying to remove rust and locate hard to find parts.
  8. This is the machine in question. I am posting here so the image is still available after the craigslist ad is gone.
  9. This how I have the NPS on one of my machines mounted. Just a simple "L" bracket screwed to the table below the sensor. I should stiffen the bracket with a cross brace but it works just fine the way it is. When you tilt your machine head back the sensor lifts out of the tab on the end of the bracket. When you put the machine back in place, be sure to have tab inserted in the slot on your sensor. Very simple and it works perfect for me.
  10. I own and use both types of binders you are referring to. I started with the Sailrite swing away 1" and 3/4". These binders are more expensive than the cheap generic versions, but are way better quality and worth the higher cost. The mouth on these are for binding thinner assemblies. As Wiz mentioned, these are not for binding inside curves. They do good on straight edges. A big advantage is you can backtack at the start and end of the binding because of the swing away bracket. I am now using a right angle binder that attaches to a special cut out needle plate. I am getting better results because the binder is closer to the inner walking foot and the tape and material hold their position better. Also this binder has a wider mouth to handle thicker assemblies. The disadvantage is there is no way to backtack. I cut the binding long when I remove the piece from the machine and trim with a Sailrite hot knife to seal the edges of the nylon binding tape. John
  11. Servo motor: This is what I use and recommend. https://www.tolindsewmach.com/motors.html This vendor is a contributor and financial supporter of this forum. There are others here too. You can find them in the ads at the top of each page. They make this forum possible and suggest giving them your business. John
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