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  1. I plan on buying this synchronized binder for my Juki 441 for $138.30. I have bought other items from KHSEW and the build quality was excellent! They have a good selection of binders you can use on this attachment for various widths of binding material and and thicknesses of assemblies. It comes from Hong Kong but shipping was surprisingly fast. You will have to create an account before you can view prices. https://www.khsew.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=182&product_id=1902
  2. I have been using PU belts for a while now. I found a large roll (50 feet) cheap on ebay to try it out. Very handy to be able to set up a machine without having to run to the auto parts store and hope you measured right and they have my size in stock. it is a little stretchy because it doesn't have the cloth belting like v-belts, but grips well for me once I get the tension right. It is easy to melt together and never had had a connection break.
  3. @DonInReno, I bought that Juki/Ferdco you have in your top photo from OfferUp. It was like new. The listing said it was in Kansas. I made contact with the owner and found out she was in Port Orford, WA. The listing was over 6 months old when I found it and the deal was touch and go for a few days. I ended up sweetening the pot by giving her a Pfaff 138 I had laying around with the $900. I had $150 in the Pfaff. I drove up and back in one very long day but it was worth it. That is the only deal I found on OfferUp.
  4. These are great servo motors and are at a good price. https://tolindsewmach.com/motors.html
  5. Very sad to here this. I bought my first machine from Gregg. He was a great to do business with. Knowledge and fair. He was a good man.
  6. Work out a deal for the 1541s with Keystone where you pick it up to eliminate their shipping cost and trade that cost for an upgrade to the Reliable brushless motor. They have them.
  7. When I was looking for my first machine, I also looked very seriously at the Sailrite Fabricator. It was around $1400 at the time. While looking I found this same Sailrite that someone bought to make a Youtube review and never used it for anything else. It was listed at $1000 and took some time to sell. This might reveal something about resale value of this machine. I think it is a very good machine but I don't have any personal experience with. I finally bought a Juki DNU-1541S for my first machine and felt I make an excellent choice. I bought it from Keystone Sewing Machine Co, located in Pennsylvania, at a great price with free shipping (current price is $1710). Although I have quite a few machines available to me now, this Juki is still my "go-to" machine for most of what I want to sew. You can ask them to put a speed reducer on it too. https://store.keysew.com/sewing-machines/juki-sewing/juki-dnu-1541s-with-assembled-power-stand-setup-ready-to-sew
  8. If you had a jam, make sure the safety clutch is reset. It may have been activated and could be causing your timing problem.
  9. @Loudcherokee, something to consider: I think the CB4500 has a larger diameter balance wheel than the others you are thinking about. I don't have personal experience with the CB4500 but I have read here that some people like the larger wheel when turning by hand. My thought on the needle position is that I have it on 2 of my smaller upholstery class machines that I use for production (Non-leather items in quantities of 50 or more). It is great for that purpose. I think that on this size of machine with the speed reducer and servo motor you get plenty of control without the needle position sensor. Personally I would not use it in this application. Just my thoughts, other may vary.
  10. The 135x16 and 135x17 are needle systems. These numbers refer to the length and other dimensions of the needle, not the thread size. Every machine is designed to use one needle system. The 135x17 is a round tip needle made for sewing fabric. The 135x16 is a blade tip needle made for sewing leather. Leather needle tips come in several styles like diamond point or triangle point, slant or straight. In a needle designation the style comes first like 135x16 and the size comes after it like 135x16 size 22. the size refers to the diameter of the needle and the size of the hole. For 138 thread you will want to try a size 22 or 23 needle. It will depend on the type and thickness of the leather you are sewing.
  11. Glenn and @sandmanred the part number for the bevel gear set in the parts manual I looked at has a different part number, 91-009-432-90. I see someone had 11 sets for sale on ebay for $70 per set but is sold out now. i sent the seller a message to see if they had any more. update: I now see that this is the seller from Lithuania you mentioned above. In his description he says this gear set will fit other models: USED PFAFF 120,122,141,142,144,145,146,148,151,153,155,190,191,192,193,194,195,196,333,335,341,342,343,345,346,3300,541,542,545,546,595,596 LOWER GEAR & PINION, 10046, 10045. SET 91-009 432-90 You might find a parts machine from the list that you can salvage a set of gears from. update #2: I got a reply from sewtech71: Hello. I don't have sets at the moment. I have two units of 10046
  12. This is from the manual. I hope it helps.
  13. Looks like a nice design. I will need one for my Juki LS-1341.
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