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  1. Yes, mine is in line with the motor mounting bolts. About 190mm from the right edge of the machine head. I saw a drawing a while ago that had it at 182mm from the right edge.
  2. Get the lift mounted to the table first. It is a bit of trial and error until you find the sweet spot. If the bent rod is too short, it slips past the lifter. Too long and it locks up.
  3. Here is a video that show where the knee lift mounts. The link should start at 19:14 where the lift is installed .
  4. JJN

    Singer 96-10 timing help

    Try with some fabric or leather. The friction of the fabric against the thread and needle makes the loop in the thread that the hook catches.
  5. Here is a Puritan triple stitch doing uppers. Red Wing video.
  6. I'm adding another photo here for future reference.
  7. I am guessing it only has one of the two sets of hook and awl installed in this photo.
  8. I saw this was a topic a few days ago and the thread is closed. I don't know much about these type of machines, but maybe this is of interest to the members. Puritan NS8100 low post sewing machine https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/tls/d/portland-leather-sewing-machine/6884330903.html
  9. JJN

    Juki 1341 Places to Oil

    softpaws2, I'm glad that manual had the information you were looking for. It is also good that you know the importance of proper lubrication with your new machine. I have a Juki 1341 that I like very much. I am still looking for a binder for this machine to bind the inside seams of bags. I'll post on here once I get it resolved. I would like to see some of the items you sew on your machine when you get it all sorted out.
  10. JJN

    Juki 1341 Places to Oil

    @softpaws2, Were you able to download the manual I posted? Did it give you the information you were looking for?
  11. JJN

    Juki 1341 Places to Oil

    Take a look at pages 12 and 13. http://imisp.net/sewing/juki-ls-1341-instruction-manual.pdf
  12. JJN

    Ideal Clicker Machine Model C

    @George1520, thanks for that link. It looks like that is a similar design machine but quite a bit smaller. The cutting board on this model C is 18" x 36" and the machine stands over 6 feet tall. The upper beam is 13" x 20". I don't have any official specs on my press but I've been told it is anywhere from 10 to 15 tons pressure. I'll have my clicker running in a couple weeks and I will post again. I don't have any experience with the double clicking problem.
  13. JJN

    I need clicker help

    I believe MattS is correct. That is not a potentiometer. It is a rotary switch with an array of capacitors. Capacitors allow the flow of electricity for a limited time depending their value usually measured in microfarads ( μF ). It looks like the range of movement of the clicker plate is regulated by how long the current flows. The switch may be working properly. The short stroke may be caused by the speed that the hydraulics are moving. Possibly getting the oil changed and the mechanism cleaned and lubricated could solve the problem. The capacitors in that switch look like they are 'potted' in epoxy. Difficult to repair. You should be able to use a multi-meter that has a capacitance measurement mode to check the condition of each capacitor by measuring between the contacts and comparing to the values printed on each capacitor.
  14. JJN

    I need clicker help

    I have a manual for a different model (USM Hytronic Cutting Machine Model C) but it looks very similar. You might find some useful info in here. It is 23MB so I cannot upload it here. I put it on dropbox, just follow the link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9mhb7vq5wnf0d9r/HCM-C-Parts-Service.pdf?dl=0
  15. JJN

    Time capsule 206RB

    On Consew, I believe the first 2 digits of the serial number is the year built. My 206RB is 1991. My 206RB-1 is 1993. That machine was a great find. Replace the grease in the upper and lower gear covers before you use it. That old waxy grease can harden like glue.