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  1. Dan, my first machine, which is still my favorite 'go to' machine is a Juki DNU-1541S that I bought new from Keystone Sewing. Greg is a member here at LW and very helpful. The price is still the same on his website as it was when I bought mine, $1649 including free shipping. It is a beautiful machine that is made in Japan and is working perfectly.
  2. Your profile says you are in Camas. Is that Camas, Washington? If so, here is a very nice German made, Pfaff 545 H4 for $1050. https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/art/d/camas-pfaff-545-h4-high-lift-walking/6920372171.html
  3. JJN

    Chinese Cobbler sewing machine

    There are many posts on this forum discussing the Chinese Patcher machines. Use the main search on the top of the page and search "chinese patcher" with the quote marks included and you will have pages of posts, some with videos.
  4. I bought four 50mm pulleys on ebay that were shipped from China. The total was $9.28 for all four including shipping. I didn't expect much, but they were decent quality and very usable. The problem was they were too tight on the motor shaft like you are describing with yours. The hole was cast on these pulleys, not finished with a drill. We chucked the pulleys in a lathe and ran a boring bar through them to clean them up. They work perfect now. I think a drill on a drill press would work good too. Measure your motor shaft with a caliper and get a drill bit to match.
  5. JJN

    Do you like this presser foot?

    I think people that are not familiar with the 201k might assume by the appearance that this is a horizontal axis hook that is located on the right side of the needle. That is why it looks like the needle is in backwards to some of us. This machine is a vertical axis hook and it is located on the left side of the needle. From the photo it looks like the needle may be slightly off with the scarf aiming a little to the rear, but it might just be the way the photo looks.
  6. JJN

    Show Your Favorite Machines?

    I really like the idea. I wanted to give it some time to think about what story or stories I want to share. I always learn from other people's experiences. Thank you for suggesting this.
  7. Does it have needle position capability? It sounds like the NPS system is enabled and it is trying to get a position signal from the sensor. If the sensor is not connected it will give up after 2 revolutions.
  8. JJN

    Screw for lube box on Juki 441

    I was by the shop after brunch with the family so I picked up the pot with the screw/bolt. It measures .232" in diameter and 10 threads measure .357" +/-. It is a 15/64" x 28tpi x 12mm machine screw. Don't ask me why sewing machine screws use inches for the diameter and pitch and millimeters for the length, but they do. You need to order it from a juki parts dealer. part no SS-7151210-SP I looked at the parts manual and it confirms my measurements.
  9. JJN

    Screw for lube box on Juki 441

    I can measure mine on Tuesday if someone else doesn't provide it sooner.
  10. JJN

    Paint match Consew Grey?

    It is called a Face Plate.
  11. The second press I found was on FB marketplace for $20. It is a C&C Metal Products press and was set up with dies for putting protective metal corners on book covers and came with about 2800 brass plated metal corners. This press was made to use dies with 3/8" shanks so all it needed was some clean up and oiling. Now with this second press I can install both the snap cap/sockets or post/studs without changing dies.
  12. Here is the original pin and the new one.
  13. I needed to set up a couple of snap presses for a job I am working on. I decided to use Dot Fasteners Durable Snaps for my snaps because they are mil-spec, berry amendment compliant and have a variety of post heights available to accommodate different thicknesses of material. I am installing the caps/sockets on straps that have a .040" plastic stiffener between two layers of .050" webbing. I looked at Stimpson, Osborne and a few other brands and did not see a variety of post lengths. New presses range from $200 for an Osborne to $300 for a Dot Fastener and $370 for a Master Tools Little Wonder. So I looked around and found an old Handy Junior button press on CraigsList for $30. The plunger pin was too short and it had a threaded end. The cast hole on the bottom was too big and unfinished. The Dot snap dies have a 3/8" shank on both the upper and lower dies. I am set up in my friends machine shop and he offered to make a new plunger pin and an insert for the bottom. With a little clean up and some fresh paint I have an awesome press. I am glad I have a US made cast iron press instead of an import. The Handy Junior looks like it is the same casting as the Osborne W-1 Hand Press.
  14. Yes, mine is in line with the motor mounting bolts. About 190mm from the right edge of the machine head. I saw a drawing a while ago that had it at 182mm from the right edge.
  15. Get the lift mounted to the table first. It is a bit of trial and error until you find the sweet spot. If the bent rod is too short, it slips past the lifter. Too long and it locks up.